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  Notice – The latest updates on the evolving COVID-19 policies and resources for the campus community.
The latest on Rec Sports specific COVID-19 updates and free resources, virtual classes, and online programs available to the campus community.x



The presence and consumption of alcohol and/or illegal substances is strictly prohibited during any sport club activity unless approved by the Director of Rec Sports and UCPD. Sport club activity includes games, practices, travel and any activity before, during and after sport club activity, and any related activity reasonably perceived to be a sport club activity. Violation of this policy could result in probation, suspension, and/or expulsion of the individual and/or club from the Sport Club Program.
The Code of Student Conduct prohibits hazing or any method of pre-initiation or initiation into an organization. No individual subject to the jurisdiction of the University shall perform an act, or subject themselves to such acts, that cause physical, psychological or social harm to any other person within the University. The Sport Club Program recognizes the propriety and necessity of student initiations and similar activities that are designed to instill group spirit and loyalty. However, these are only appropriate when the activity is experienced for the benefit of new members, and not at their expense. Punishment for violations of the hazing code may include suspension or dismissal from the University.

Students, by enrolling in the University, assume an obligation to conduct themselves and their organizations in a manner compatible with the University's function as an educational institution. Individuals must always conduct themselves in a manner that does not detract from the reputation of the University. This includes behavior in game situations as well as contact with other teams and event staff. When involved in off-campus events or when traveling, be aware that you are still representing the University.

All students are subject to the policies outlined in the UC Berkeley Student Code of Conduct.

Life-threatening injuries are injuries that require immediate medical attention (i.e. unconsciousness, seizure, suspected spine or skull injury, inability to breathe, severe allergic reaction, immobile due to pain or bleeding, etc.). Contact UCPD (510) 642-3333 (on-campus) or 911 (off-campus) and Sport Clubs staff immediately. If competition/practice is being held in a Recreational Sports supervised building, notify the building staff. **University staff are not allowed to transport students.**

Sport Clubs Emergency Contact Information

Please call in the following order

  1. Cam Lu, Sport Clubs Athletic Trainer: 510-502-6381 (c)
  2. Katie Carlson, Sport Clubs Director: 510-325-9890 (c)

When calling UCPD or 911, remain calm and follow this procedure:

  • Stay with the injured participant
  • Give the name of location and address
  • State the level of consciousness and suspected injury
  • Describe treatments given
  • Listen carefully for instructions from the operator and DO NOT HANG UP – let them hang up first
  • Send a club member to meet the ambulance

In the event of a life-threatening incident, immediately assist UCPD/Rec Staff in obtaining witness accounts. Do not leave the scene until UCPD or professional staff has indicated you can do so. The safety officer is responsible for completing the accident report and submitting it to the AT within 24 hours of the incident. If media is present: never talk to the media. Direct all questions to full-time, professional Recreation staff.

Click here for more information on emergencies from the Tang Center.

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