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  Notice – The latest updates on the evolving COVID-19 policies and resources for the campus community.
The latest on Rec Sports specific COVID-19 updates and free resources, virtual classes, and online programs available to the campus community.x

Inclusive Recreation

Inclusive Recreation is a collaborative campus commitment to support and advance sports and recreation programs for the 3,000+ Cal community members with disabilities.

For the full list of virtual offerings, please visit us at Rec Sports Online by clicking here.

CalSTAR Membership

The Cal STAR (Sports, Training and Recreation) program is designed to integrate students, faculty, alumni, and community members who have individual needs or requirements so that they may participate in existing recreational programs. Volunteer assistants — when available — will be provided. We also offer specialized equipment.

Monthly (Credit Card Auto-Pay)*$30

*Monthly membership requires four (4) month minimum commitment.

How to Join

Sign-up at the RSF Customer Service Center. Must complete a Cal STAR Membership Registration Form prior to purchase.

CalSTAR Yoga

This class is designed for Rec Sports members and students with limited mobility. It includes postures, movement, breathing, and meditation. Students exercise as independently or interactively as needed.

Classes currently on hold (Covid-19)Fri1:30 – 3:30 p.m.To sign-up, contact

Location: Combatives Room at the RSF.

For more information, call our Cal Star Coordinator, Torre Meeks at 510-643-8030.


Goalball is a team sport similar to soccer, yet designed for the visually impaired. Sighted athletes can also participate by wearing blacked-out goggles during play. Participants compete in teams of three, and try to throw an audible ball into the opponents’ goal. Players must use the audible sounds to judge the position and movement of the ball.

Goalball is now offered as a 1 unit DeCal Course for credit. To enroll please visit

Price – Free for UC Berkeley students and Rec Sports members.

Classes currently on hold (Covid-19)Wed3 – 5 p.m.For more information, please email

Location: Blue Gym in the RSF

Wheelchair Basketball

Berkeley Rec Sports now offers wheelchair basketball at the RSF. Wheelchair basketball is a contact sport that bears many similarities to basketball, such as the number of players on each team, the scoring system, the size of the court, the dimensions of the equipment, and the requirement of dribbling. However, players use wheelchairs and are not allowed to lift themselves out of them. At the RSF, anyone is welcome to play, regardless of mobility or experience level. Wheelchair basketball is perfect for those who have limited ability to run, jump, and/or pivot.

Ten Per4Max wheelchairs in a variety of sizes will be available to rent anytime during business hours. Please visit the Guest Services located at the locker rooms if you wish to rent a chair.

All ten chairs will also be out and available during the following open gym times.

No sign-up required!

Currently on hold (Covid-19)Fri3–5 p.m.
Currently on hold (Covid-19)Sun3–5 p.m.

Note: There will be no WCBB open gym on the following days:

RSF 101: Inclusive Rec

Are you a Cal Rec Sports Member with a mobility, hearing, vision or invisible disability interested in using the Rec Sports facilities? Not sure what Rec Sports has that can accommodate your needs? Rec Sports has been working hard to create increased access and programs for students with disabilities.

Sign up for RSF-101 – Inclusive Rec: a FREE 45-minute session with our Inclusive Recreation Coordinator.

What You Will Receive

  • A personal tour of the facility.
  • Information about how different equipment works and how to use it
  • An Overview of the programs that we have to offer.

Schedule a Session

Please contact our Inclusive Recreation Coordinator, Torre Meeks directly at Please note that in-person tours are not available until further notice.

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