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Inclusive Recreation

Recreation programs for Rec Sports members with disabilities.

If you require an accommodation including one for effective communication (ASL interpreting/CART captioning, alternative media formats, etc.), need more information about campus mobility access features, or have other questions in regard to accommodations please contact and/or fill out the Accommodations Request Form below. Please allow at least 7-10 business days prior to your desired date(s) of attendance for the accommodation request to be fully processed.

Please fill out the Accommodations Request Form here.

RSF 101: Inclusive Rec

Are you a Berkeley Rec Sports Member with a disability relating to mobility, hearing, vision, or other non-apparent disability? Are you also interested in learning more about adaptive movement and inclusive exercise? Well, you have found the right place! Berkeley Rec Sports has been striving to create safe spaces throughout the RSF by increasing accessibility, accommodations, and programs for all students, with and without disabilities.

Sign up below for a brief orientation to learn more about the RSF, including our adaptive workout equipment and inclusive recreation programs.

For a full list of virtual offerings, please visit us at Rec Sports Online.

Schedule a Session

In-person tours are back!

To schedule an appointment click here or email  

What You Will Receive

  • 45-minute appointment session guided by our Inclusive Recreation Coordinator
  • A personal tour of the facility
  • Information about the various adaptive equipment
  • An overview of the inclusive programs available to you

Accessible Wellness and Empowerment (AWE)

We are proud to offer personal training for students with disabilities through the Accessible Wellness and Empowerment program (AWE). Thanks to a generous grant from the Wellness Fee Committee, we are able to offer the personal training sessions FREE of cost to all qualifying students. For more information on this program please contact us at or

Sign up here for AWE Personalized Training to begin your training sessions.

Live Virtual Seated Yoga

We are now offering a free live Seated Yoga class every week!

Seated Yoga is a gentle mindfulness practice in which postures are performed while seated and/or with the aid of a chair. This style of yoga is a great option for individuals with physical disabilities, aging populations, and individuals with difficulty balancing. It is also great for beginners or anyone who wants to focus on a gentle practice at a comfortable pace. Just like other yoga practices, Seated Yoga increases flexibility, strength, and body awareness. Please join us for this 30-minute yoga flow followed by a 15 minute Q&A. 

When & Where

Mondays from 11:00-11:45 AM. Please register here to enroll and to access the zoom webinar

Inclusive Recreation Adaptive Sports Clinic

Join us this Spring 2023 as we host inclusive sports clinics! Come explore a few of the many adaptive sports that exist around us including: Wheelchair Basketball, Goalball, Adaptive Pickleball, Wheelchair Rugby and more! The sessions are great for beginners, are FREE of cost, and require NO sign ups.

For more information and accommodation requests please email or give us a call at (510)289-7632.

Dates Time Location Event Description
March 3, 2023 1:00-3:00 PM RSF Kleeberger Field House Wheelchair Basketball
March 17, 2023 1:00-3:00 PM RSF Kleeberger Field House Goalball
April 7, 2023 1:00-3:00 PM RSF Kleeberger Field House Adaptive Pickleball
April 21, 2023 1:00-3:00 PM RSF Kleeberger Field House Wheelchair Rugby
April 28, 2023 1:00-3:00 PM RSF Kleeberger Field House Wheelchair Basketball


Goalball is a team sport similar to soccer, yet designed for individuals who are visually impaired. Participants compete in teams of three, and try to throw an audible ball into the opponents’ goal. Players must use audible sounds to judge the position and movement of the ball. Just like other ball-sports, most goals scored wins the game! Sighted athletes can also participate by wearing blacked-out goggles during play.

No fee required for members.

Dates Days Times Action
Classes currently on hold – see sampler for opportunities above    

For more information, please email

Location: TBD

Wheelchair Basketball

Berkeley Rec Sports now offers wheelchair basketball. Wheelchair basketball is a contact sport that bears many similarities to basketball, such as the number of players on each team, the scoring system, the size of the court, the dimensions of the equipment, and the requirement of dribbling. In these program sessions, everyone is welcome to play, regardless of mobility or experience level. Wheelchair basketball is perfect for those who have limited ability to run, jump, and/or pivot.

Ten Per4Max wheelchairs in a variety of sizes will be available to rent anytime during business hours. Please visit the Guest Services located at the locker rooms if you wish to rent a chair or email us at

All ten chairs will also be out and available during the following open gym times.

No fee required for members.

Dates Days Time
Currently on hold – see sampler for opportunities above    

Non-Member Aide Facility Access

Rec Sports members with disabilities are welcome to bring a non-member aide to assist with gym equipment and facilities access. When checking in, you must inform the Front Desk staff that a non-member aide accompanies you so they can be given access. Non-member aides are not permitted to use gym equipment or facilities except as required to assist the member. If a non-member aide does want to use the gym equipment, they can speak to the front desk about membership. 

If non-member aides are found using equipment, they will be asked to leave.

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