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  Notice – The latest updates on the evolving COVID-19 policies and resources for the campus community.
The latest on Rec Sports specific COVID-19 updates and free resources, virtual classes, and online programs available to the campus community.x

Answers to questions about our youth camps and programs.

COVID-19 Updates

Due to COVID-19 considerations, Rec Sports has cancelled all in-person camps and youth programming ((all summer camps as well as year-round Archery, Recreational and Competitive Gymnastics, Skate Classes, and Swimming Lessons) for summer 2020.

Yes, a full refund (fee free) will be granted for all camps, and camp sessions that have been cancelled due to COVID-19 considerations. Other than providing the refunds described, the Department of Rec Sports Youth Camps is not responsible or liable for any losses arising out of such cancellation of Summer Cal Youth Camps and will not provide any other compensation.

Your refund will be made directly to the credit card that was used in the purchase; there is no action needed by you to receive your refund. We anticipate being able to process all refunds within a week and you will receive an email from us when your refund is processed. If you do not receive an email from us by June 10, 2020, then please contact us at

Taking our guidance from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the California Department of Public Health, the Alameda County Department of Health, the City of Berkeley Department of Public Health, and UC Berkeley campus, Rec Sports and our campus partners are actively following the latest information on COVID-19 and considering the impact on in-person youth programming. We will only host our programs when approved to do so, and we will adapt our in-person camps and programs to the circumstances as appropriate.

General FAQs

How can I confirm that my enrollment went through?

Confirmation emails are sent out automatically upon completing the online enrollment process. If you do not recall seeing a confirmation email in your inbox there are two possible causes: contact the Enrollment Center to make sure we sent the confirmation to the correct address, we can also confirm your enrollment for you; check your spam/junk mail folder for any emails from All of our emails come from that same email address. If our emails are going to your spam/junk mail folder by accident, please configure your email account to accept our email address as “safe” so that important camp emails always make it to your inbox.

Is there a deadline to enroll for extended care?

Our extended care sessions do not fill up. If you do not know whether you will need it this year or not, you have until the first day of camp to add it. We also sell extended care on a day-by-day basis, for parents who will only need extended care sporadically.

Cal Adventures:

Please note that if you are pairing together a morning and afternoon camp in the same week, we provide Lunchtime Extended Care to you free of charge, with no need to sign up online. If you have any additional questions about this feature please contact the Enrollment Center prior to enrolling.

Are there any differences between the one-week camps and the regular two-week camps besides the length of the camp session?

Yes! Blue Cubs campers enrolled in the one-week camp sessions do not have a track selection and do NOT have swimming lessons. Specific activities are scheduled by Camp Coordinators the week before camp begins, and are distributed at orientation and on the first day of camp. Blue Bears/Grizzlies enrolled in the one-week sessions do not get their choice of individual activities. Activities for these camps are pre-assigned based on staff availability—no exceptions. For campers who prefer to have a choice of what sports they have in their schedule, the two-week camp is a better option. Explorer Camp’s one-week session differs from the standard two-week session only in that swimming lessons are not guaranteed.

Do you prorate camps?

No, that’s not something we can offer.

Can I transfer to a different camp or session?

Yes. We accept transfer requests up to 30 days before the start of the session you are enrolled in. As with all refunds/cancellations, a $25.00 fee applies to each transfer request per participant.

What is your refund/cancellation policy?

You can find our refund/cancellation policy on our website here: Camp Refund Policy.

What are the dropping off procedures?

Blue Camp:

Campers can be signed in by parents/guardians or can sign themselves in. There are two drop-off points on Sports Lane where you can pull-over and let your camper out. Staff and Leadership Team members are in vests and help campers safely get out of the car and into the Tennis/Basketball Courts. Due to the limited parking at Golden Bear, you cannot park your car on Sports Lane and we keep traffic flow going one way. All Blue Campers check in at the Tennis/Basketball Courts with their activity leader. Parents and guardians are not required to sign the camper into camp.

Explorer Camp:

On the first day of each session, we ask that you first check in at the tables outside the SCRA Haas Clubhouse before dropping off your child with his/her group leader. You will receive the name of your child’s group leader, group number, and activity schedule at this time. In addition, you will check certain information to make sure it is current (e.g. phone numbers, authorized pick up names). This process will add an extra 10-15 minutes to the normal check-in time so please plan accordingly. After the first day of the session, drop off your child at the SCRA Haas Clubhouse between 7:30AM - 9:00AM. Please walk your child in for check in each day with a Group Leader. Parents and guardians are not required to sign the camper into camp..

Cal Adventures:

Parents/Guardians should arrive with their children fifteen minutes early on the first day of each session to confirm your child’s registration, check/correct parent contact information and share important camper details with staff. All other days of the session, parent/guardians can have their camper sign themselves in at the registration table with staff.

What if my camper arrives late?

If a camper arrives after 9:05 a.m. (Explorer and S2), you must sign-in at the camp office and then either walk your camper to his/her scheduled activity. Failure to notify the camp office of your camper’s arrival seriously impedes our ability to ensure their safety.

Cal Adventures:

Cal Adventures Aquatic Campers should go directly to their respective activities if they are arriving later than either their 8:30 a.m. (sailing), or 9:00 a.m. (all others) start time. Campers arriving late may miss regularly scheduled activities due to tardiness.

What if my camper needs to leave early?

If your camper needs to leave camp before the end of his or her scheduled day, an authorized sign-out person must report to the camp office to sign the camper out. The authorized adult will then be given a ‘check-out pass’ and directions to walk to the camper’s activity to claim their camper.

Blue Camp / S2 Grades 3-5 / Cal Adventures (only):

If you prefer, you can give permission for your child to leave early on his/her own. E-mail a note from the primary parent’s registered email to the camp email. Include the following on the note: 1) the camper’s name, 2) the time and date the camper needs to leave, and 3) permission for the camper to sign out himself or herself. The camper will be released on his/her own at that time.

Afternoon Adventures/Discovery:

Please note that camp curriculums will not be changed. If your camper must be picked up early on any given day, it is your responsibility to pick your camper up (or arrange pick–up as noted above) from the specific location where the camp is taking place on that day. A schedule of the week’s planned activities and locations is distributed on Monday each week. You may also contact the Enrollment Center for location information.

IMPORTANT: Because all campers will be moving from their last class to their checkout location at the end of the day, early sign-out is suspended from 3:45 – 4 p.m. (3:25 – 3:45 p.m. at Explorer and S2 grades 1-2). At that time, you may be asked to wait to sign-out your camper until the designated checkout time.

What if my camper is absent?

Attendance is taken at the start of camp. Campers not in attendance at that time will be marked absent. It is not necessary to notify us in advance if your child will be absent from camp.

**Cal Adventures:

Please contact the Enrollment Center (510-643-2267) as soon as you know that your camper will not be attending camp. Some Cal Adventures camps involve travel off-site which can be delayed significantly if we are expecting your camper to arrive without being notified otherwise.

What if I am running late to pick up my camper?

Please note the time that your camp(s) begins and ends. Next, please contact your specific camp office or the Enrollment Center once you know you are going to be late. We will stay with your camper until you arrive; we will never leave a camper unattended unless you have authorized your camper to sign-out and leave on their own.

There is a $1.00 late charge for every minute your camper stays with us after the final pick-up time (6 p.m.). Campers who are not already enrolled in PM Extended Care will be automatically enrolled in that day’s PM program and charged a drop-in fee of $15.00 in addition to any late charges incurred thereafter.

How do I get on a carpool list?

Initially, you may opt in to the carpool list on your camp registration form. If you opted out of the carpool list initially and would now like to be included, please email the Customer Service Center at to submit your request. If you agree to be on the list, your phone number and address will be listed only for camp sessions in which you are enrolled. To request a copy of the list you may contact the Customer Service Center to have one emailed or mailed to you.

How are camper groupings selected?

Camp Coordinators make group assignments up to one week before a camp session begins. Group assignments are based upon, but not limited to, the criteria listed below, which may vary depending upon the program. The camp retains the right to determine groupings based on the overall benefit of all the children in the camp and the overall organization of the camp:

Grouping Criteria:

  • Age of campers
  • Size of groups
  • Friends (up to 2 per group)
  • Camper to staff ratios as set by the camp
  • Gender
  • Activity selections/track preference
  • Special circumstances (e.g. special needs)
  • Blue Cubs (track selection and camp length)

How are age groups broken up for campers with birthdays coming up this year?

It all depends on whether your camper will have a birthday on or before December 1st. Take for example: you have one camper turning 7 in March and one camper turning 7 in October. For the purposes of our programs, we consider them both to be 7 years old. Whatever their age is on Dec 1st, that is the age we will consider them for our camps.

**NOTE: That being said, we will consider moving campers into older or younger groups based on parent request to fit their size and developmental level.

Can my camper be grouped with friends?

Yes! Requests for grouping, e.g. group with a friend or request not to be grouped with another camper can be made at the time of initial registration (both online and on paper). Additionally, requests can be submitted to the Enrollment Center at: All requests must be submitted in writing at least one week prior to the start of camp. While every effort is made to accommodate all requests, grouping requests are not guaranteed and may not always be possible.

Bears/Grizzlies Groups:

Every attempt will be made to schedule your camper in classes with his/her friend. Parents should be aware, however, that we take such factors as date of registration, activity preference list, sex, and group size into account and we are not always able to guarantee the same groups. Campers who want to be in class together should make sure they list the EXACT same activities in the same order at the time of registration. If it is absolutely essential that specific campers be grouped together, please submit a note to the Blue Camp Director. Campers on the one-week track are not grouped with campers on the two-week track.

Can one-week campers be grouped w/ campers enrolled in two-week sessions?

No. Campers enrolled in the one-week camps comprise their own group, or sets of groups, and do not interact with campers enrolled in the regular two-week sessions. One-week campers and two-week campers cannot be grouped together.

How are Science and Sports Camp grade levels determined?

You want to enroll in the grade level your child will be going into in the fall, not the grade they are in now. We want the curriculum to not only review what they already know, but prepare them for the upcoming academic year.

How are activities for camp assigned?

Blue Camp - Cubs:

Cubs enrolled in two-week sessions have a choice of two activity tracks: Sports Track or Sports/Art Track. Cubs make their track selection at the time of registration. Activities and groups for both full-day and half-day campers are based on their track selection. Every attempt is made to offer a wide selection of activities, however individual activities cannot be selected by each camper, they are pre-assigned. Factors affecting our ability to offer specific sports are staff and facility availability. Campers who select the Sports Track are only scheduled into sports activities. Campers who select the Sports/Art track will get a combination of sports activities and one or two arts activities such as crafts, drama, dance, nature, etc. Cubs in the two-week camps will also automatically be scheduled into swimming. Morning Only Cubs and One Week Cubs are automatically in a Sports and Art Track. Swimming is not included in a one week camp.

Blue Camp - Bears & Grizzlies

At the time of registration, campers submit their 10 activity preferences by rank (from 1–highest priority to 10–lowest priority). If you would like swim lessons, please indicate this as one of your preferences or it will not be scheduled for you. Classes like swimming and archery are in high demand and not guaranteed. Campers are scheduled into three morning activities and all-day campers are also scheduled into three afternoon activities. Campers registered prior to April 1 are scheduled first. We use the 10 activity preferences as a guide. Campers pick up their session activity schedule at camper orientation or on the first day of each session. Every attempt is made to offer a wide selection of the sports and activities. Factors affecting our ability to offer specific sports are enrollment, staff, and facility availability. One week campers do not get to select their activities and swimming is not included.

Explorer Camp:

Explorer campers participate in pre-assigned activities that are a mixture of high-energy activities balanced with one or two creative, non-athletic recreation activities such as art, nature, music, or yoga. Explorer Campers do not have the option of choosing their activities. Activities are pre-assigned by the Camp Coordinator approximately one week prior to the beginning of each session. Class availability depends on staff expertise and availability. Every attempt is made to offer a wide selection of the sports and activities. Factors affecting our ability to offer specific sports are staff and facility availability. Swim lessons are included for campers in the two-week sessions.

Is activity selection any different for the one-week camps versus the regular two-week camps?

Yes, very much so. Blue Cubs campers enrolled in the one-week camp sessions do not have a track selection and do NOT have swimming lessons. Specific activities are scheduled by Camp Coordinators the week before camp begins, and are distributed at orientation and on the first day of camp. Blue Bears/Grizzlies enrolled in the one-week sessions DO NOT get their choice of individual activities, as opposed to the two-week sessions. Activities for these camps are pre-assigned based on staff availability—no exceptions. This also means that one-week campers do not have the option of changing their activity assignments. For campers who prefer to have a choice of what sports they have in their schedule, the two-week camp is a better option.

Explorer Camp one-week session activities generally do not differ from that of the two-week sessions with one important exception: swimming lessons are not guaranteed for the one-week session.

Are the swim lessons in Blue, Explorer, and Science and Sports Camp necessary? What if my camper doesn’t want to participate in them?

Blue Camp:

Blue Bears and Grizzlies campers need to select swimming as part of their schedule and are not automatically given swimming. All two week Blue Cubs are scheduled into swimming. Please send us a note if you do not want your Cub to swim and we will find an alternative.

Explorer Camp:

All two-week Explorer and S2 campers have swimming as one of their scheduled activities. We encourage all children to swim. However, if you do not want your child to swim, please send us a note.

Can I change my camper’s activity preferences?

Blue Camp - Cubs:

Groups and activities are scheduled before camp starts and group activities are set for the entire session. Campers may not change their assigned group on the first day of camp. If a child has tried his or her schedule for a few days and is still unhappy, we will explore the possibility of a group change. However, group changes are reserved for extreme cases. We would like parents to bring us any issues relating to your camper’s schedule immediately. This allows us to talk with the instructors and group leaders about making any changes before we switch a camper to another group.

Blue Camp - Bears & Grizzlies

Changes to activity preferences can be made up to two weeks before the start of the session by submitting an emailed request to the Enrollment Center. Campers cannot change activities on the two days of camp, no exceptions. At 9:00am on Tuesday, the second day of camp, Switch Forms are handed out to two week campers and campers decide what they would like to add and drop. Instructors are available to help the campers complete this form. The forms are collected and every effort is made to re-arrange the campers’ schedules. Changes depend on space availability. New schedules are passed out on Wednesday, the third day of camp, between 8:45 and 9:00am. We will do everything possible to ensure campers are happy with their assigned activities. After the designated switch day, campers’ schedules will not be switched. However, we would like parents to bring any issues to our attention immediately. One-week campers cannot change their schedule.

Explorer Camp:

Group activities are scheduled before camp starts and are set for the entire session. Explorer campers receive a Rotation Activity Schedule on the first day of camp. We will do everything possible to ensure campers are happy with their assigned activities and groups, though we cannot guarantee schedule changes. If a child has tried his or her group and activity schedule for a couple of days and is still unhappy, we will explore a possible group change. However, this is reserved for extreme cases. We would like parents to bring any issues to our attention immediately. This allows us to talk with the instructors and group leaders to make any necessary changes before a grouping change is made.

How are Science and Sports Camp afternoon activities selected?

S2 Grades 1-5: Campers rotate through their pre-assigned activities in their S2 groups. Activities are scheduled one week in advance by the Camp Coordinator and remain the same through the entire week. Activities depend on their grade and location and may include: basketball, football, Frisbee, rugby, soccer, softball, swimming, table tennis, track & field, volleyball, co-operative games, and more.

Where are your camps located?

Our camps are located at various locations on and near the UC Berkeley Campus. Maps and directions to each location can be found here: Camp Locations.

What should campers bring to camp?

  • Food: lunch and snacks. Campers can have snack all day between their activities.
  • A swim suit and towel for campers who will be swimming. A cap and goggles are recommended, but optional.
  • Water Bottle: so children can have quicker and more frequent access to water.
  • Sweatshirt or Jacket: with your child’s first and last names in it.
  • Sunscreen
  • Dress for active play and only wear closed-toed athletic shoes. No sandals, crocks, or flip flops.
  • Backpack: Campers carry their belongings with them during the day so backpacks are ideal. This also means parents should remain mindful of the backpack’s weight.
All necessary sports equipment is provided by the camp, with the exception of Skate Camp. Skate Camp participants must bring their own board and protective gear to camp. NOTE: Explorer Campers have two official snack times, as opposed to older campers.

What should campers leave at home?

Please leave electronic games, iPods, and any other expensive or valuable items at home. We do not allow the playing of electronic games at camp. Cell phones may be brought, but cannot be used during camp. Any necessary phone calls and text messaging can be made at the camp office or on the cell phone with the permission and supervision of staff. This will help us ensure your child’s safety.

We are not responsible for any items brought to, or lost at camp.

Do you provide lunch?

We do not provide lunch, but Cal Youth Camps has partnered with SchoolFoodies, the Bay Area’s premier school lunch provider, to provide our campers affordable and delicious lunch and snack options this summer.

What do I need to do to send medication to camp?

A medication form completed by a parent and current prescription bottle must accompany all medication taken by a child. This includes prescription and, if misused, potentially hazardous over-the-counter medications. Medications are locked and secured in safe location. To request a Medication Form, please call 510-643-2267 or email You may also download the form directly from our website:


Inhalers may be kept with the camper, but still require a current prescription OR Camp Medication Form.

What happens to the lost and found?

Please label all items brought to camp in order to avoid confusion. Lost and Found items are donated to a local charity one week after each camp session ends (that’s five times during the summer). If you are going on vacation right after the end of camp, let us know so we can look for your lost items before they are donated.

What is your tax ID number?

94-6002123 for all camps.

Where can I get information on sport-specific camps like, tennis, swimming, football, soccer, etc.?

Sports-specific camps (e.g. Basketball Camp, Baseball Camp, etc.) are run by the Cal Athletic Department. You can find more information on their summer camps on their website at: You can also contact them by phone at: 510-642-8050.

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