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Welcome to Golden Bears Youth Gymnastics! We’re so excited that you’ll be joining us for another great summer. At camp, your child will have the opportunity to make new friends, learn new skills, and play fun games.

Welcome Information

  • Where is camp and how can you reach us?
  • What happens in a major emergency/evacuation?
  • When are the special event days?
  • What does my camper bring to camp?
  • How can I navigate traffic congestion at 3 p.m. pick-up?
  • How is camp structured and organized?
  • Everything you need to know to have a great experience!
We send out reminders to parents prior to camp starting. However, we are often defeated by spam filters. You may want to add as acceptable domains to receive email from.

We send out reminders to parents prior to camp starting. However, we are often defeated by spam filters. You may want to add as acceptable domains to receive email from.

Camp Location & Contact Information

Golden Bear Recreation Center
25 Sports Lane
Berkeley, CA 94720
Phone: (510) 642-9821
Recreational Sports Facility (RSF)
Office is open year round
Phone: (510) 643-CAMP (2267)
Abra Slater has been apart of the gymnastics community for over 40 years. She is known as a former athlete, coach, choreographer, parent, gym owner, and director. Abra has taught gymnastics for all levels and has worked with top ranking coaches and Elite level athletes. She is proud to be a part of the UC Berkeley community. You can reach Abra at

Camper Drop-Off & Check-In

Check-In is from 8-8:30 a.m.

There are 3 places you can sign-in your camper into camp: walking up to the picnic table outside the gym, a drive by check-in with one of our staff in a traffic vest, or walking inside and checking-in at the upstairs welcome desk. On the first day of camp, we encourage a parent/guardian to sign-in their camper inside the Golden Bear Gym. Due to the limited parking at Golden Bear, you cannot park your car on Sports Lane and we keep traffic flow going one way to exit onto Derby Street. Attendance is taken at the start of camp, and those not present will be marked absent. Please let camp staff know in advance if your child will be absent or arriving late.

Late Check-In

If a camper arrives late, after 8:30am, you must check in upstairs at the welcome desk. Failing to notify the Camp Site Office of your child’s late arrival impedes our ability to ensure their safety.

Drive-Thru Sign Out

Golden Bear uses a drive-thru sign out system (it’s the fastest way to pick-up your child). Parents and guardians are to drive onto Sports Lane and sign their child via one of the check-out attendants wearing traffic vests. Once they have signed their child out, they will receive a card with their child’s name on it. With the card, proceed to drive down Sports Lane to our camper area (you will see a red stop sign). Hand the card over to one of the attendants and your child will be helped into the left side of your car! (Pro-Tip: Make sure your car doors are unlocked and your car seat is on the left so your child can get in quicker and you can be on your way!).

Walk-Up Sign Out

If you do not travel by car, and wish to pick up your child on foot, make your way to the picnic table in front of Golden Bear. Tell one of our staff the name of your child, and they will radio to the camper area to have them sent over to you. After your child arrives you can sign-out with the staff and be on your way!

Sign Out Policies

Golden Bear does not offer a Leave-On-Own Option. If you have chosen the Leave-on-Own option by mistake and you wish to change it or have any questions please email or visit our desk upstairs inside Golden Bear.

If you have chosen the Photo ID option during the registration process, our attendants will check your ID at the time of sign-out. Only authorized individuals with valid IDs will be able to check-out your child. If you need to make changes to your authorized pick-up list please visit the desk upstairs at Golden Bear.

Leaving Camp Early?

If you wish to pick up your child early you must arrive before 2:30 p.m. Any pick-ups after that time will have to wait until our standard sign-out time.

To sign-out early, visit our desk upstairs inside Golden Bear. We will pull your child out, have them gather their belongings, and bring them out to you. Golden Bear prefers that you let us know via email or at check-in if you are picking up early. This allows us to get your child ready to go earlier so you can be on your way faster.

Campers will not be able to sign themselves out.

Late Pick Up

Pick-up happens between 3-3:20 p.m. It’s good to arrive 5 minutes early. We understand that unexpected things happen, and you may be late to pick up your child. If you are more than 20 minutes late, we will move your child into After Care. A drop-in use of After Care is $25 and can be paid by a check or credit card. We do not accept cash. If you know you are running late, please call us at 510-642-9821 or email us at

Parking & Traffic Flow

In an effort to reduce the number of cars on campus, we encourage you to put your name on the carpool list. If you agree to be on this list, your phone number and address will be listed for the camp session for which you are registered. You can get one e-mailed to you.

Parking is extremely difficult during sign-out. We encourage all parents and guardians to use the drive-thru sign-out method. Please be patient, and set aside enough time for drop-off and pick-up. The only way onto the campsite is through Sports Lane at the top of Dwight Way. During our drop-off (8:05-8:35am) and pick-up (2:50-4:15pm) Sports Lane is a one way street. You will exit on Derby Street. If you wish to park, it is easier to park on side streets and not on Dwight Way. For Golden Bear, it is always faster to do drive-thru pick-up.

We have no control over the parking citation services. All parking regulations are in effect so please pay attention to all signage and pay for any metered spaces. Park in designated spaces only (not the RED fire zones).

What to Bring to Camp

  1. Food – a lunch and 2 snacks. Campers will have a snack break AM and PM between activities. Golden Bear cannot provide snacks for campers. Campers must bring all their own food, or money to purchase food from the pro-shop. You can purchase a snack punch card online to use at the Snack Shack. These will be kept on file at the Snack Shack.
  2. Water Bottle – so children can have quicker and more frequent access to water.
  3. Backpack – All students must have a backpack that ALL their items fit into (including lunch, clothing, and shoes).
  4. Sweatshirt – with your child’s first and last names written on it- since the mornings in Berkeley are often cold and occasionally the fog does not lift.
  5. Appropriate Attire – Dress for active play and only wear a leotard or shorts and shirt. No dangling earrings or necklaces. Hair must be tied out of face. NO JEANS, ZIPPERS, OR SKIRTS.
We are not responsible for items brought to camp.
  1. Electronic games, iPods, and other expensive items.
  2. Unhealthy food items (candy, cupcakes, soda, etc).
  3. Expensive Jewelry.
We are not responsible for items brought to camp.

Lunch Delivery Service (SchoolFoodies)

Cal Youth Camps has partnered with SchoolFoodies, the Bay Area’s premier school lunch provider, to provide our campers affordable and delicious lunch and snack options this summer. SchoolFoodies popular meals feature a number of key benefits for active, growing kids.

To Order:
  1. Create your account via SchoolFoodies’ online portal or download the mobile app (available on the App Store and Google Play). For app users, enter “schoolfoodies” as the caterer code after download.
  2. Select “Add Student” and input your camper’s registration code for gymnastics — Gymnastics Camp — Use code: Berk-G
  3. Review the “Order Policy” section for important details. We recommend using “Manually Select” to place summer camp orders.
For full details, including meal options, portions and pricing, see our website.

Camp Rules

Below is a list of general rules. Please make sure your child is familiar with them.
  1. Respect other campers, instructors, facilities, and equipment.
  2. Teasing and put-downs are not tolerated at camp.
  3. Accept responsibility for your choices, even when you make a mistake or bad choice.
  4. Use appropriate language – no cursing.
  5. Stay with your group. During camp hours, campers can never go anywhere alone.
  6. Trash is EVERYONE’S responsibility. If you see trash, please pick it up.
  7. No electronic games, iPods, or cell phones are to be used during camp.
  8. Please tell us immediately if something is not going the way you would like.

Evacuations, Emergencies, and Medical Procedures

In the event of an emergency occurs, camp staff will direct participants to the evacuation site (Tennis Courts). All participants and staff will assemble there for directions and for pick-up. Depending on the nature of the event, phone lines maybe out of services. In this case, parents should listen to the local emergency radio broadcasts for information. Please take into account the people who would most likely pick-up your child (i.e., person closest to the camp location) in an emergency and add them to your child’s authorized pick up list.

Please refer to phone numbers and websites below for pick-up information. The campus may have specific instructions you will need to follow. As always, campers will be supervised until a caregiver arrives.

In the event that your child becomes ill or an emergency arises, the camp staff will make every effort to contact you (or your emergency contact if you are unavailable). If necessary, your child may be transported to a nearby hospital for treatment.
You will be notified as soon as possible regarding any communicable diseases affecting campers. If your camper contracts a communicable disease, please notify the camp. Golden Bear Programs have a “no nit” policy regarding lice. This means if your child has any signs of head lice, (live bugs or nits, dead or alive) they will NOT be permitted at camp until all signs of head lice are no longer present.
A parent-completed medication form and current prescription bottle must accompany all medication taken by a child. This includes prescription and potentially hazardous, if misused, over-the-counter medications. Medications are secured in a locked location. Inhalers may be kept with the camper but still require a current prescription OR a Camp Medication Form.

Camp Schedule and Activities

Campers will be grouped according to age and ability. You may request they be in a group with a friend and with safety in mind we try to accommodate all requests. ALL campers must have a backpack that all their items, including lunch and shoes, fit in. All campers must have footwear as we go outside for lunch. If there are any special medical needs, please inform our registration staff at check in.
Varies on group and average age
Warm up, stretching, games
Snack (15 mins)
Lunch (1 hour)
Tumble Track
Conditioning and Body Awareness
Snack (15 mins)
Fun Dance/Movement Adventures
Clean Up

Staff Training Programs at Golden Bear

We have an extensive leadership training program at camp and want to make you aware that while your child will always be under the direct supervision of approved leaders, you or your child may encounter junior leaders.

Enrollment, Receipts, and Refunds

Questions about enrollment, receipts, dependent care letters, refunds, etc. are handled by the Enrollment Office at the Customer Service Center can reach them by phone at (510) 643-CAMP (2267) or W-10 forms are available upon request. The Enrollment Center will not be sending out individual Dep Care letters. If you need a Dep Care letter, please contact our Enrollment Office. Our Tax ID Number is 94-6002123.

A written request for a transfer, credit, or cancellation must be received in the Enrollment Office no less than 30 days prior to the first day of camp to qualify for a refund, transfer, or credit. Request for transfers, credits, or cancellations received prior to 30 days before the first day of camp are assessed a fee of $25 per child per camp. Requests received less than 30 days prior to the start of camp do not qualify for a refund. Requests for transfer or credit in cases of illness or injury are considered with a doctor’s note and letter requesting the exception. No medical requests will be considered after the first day of camp. Camps are not prorated nor session dates individualized. Participant substitutions are not allowed.

Tax ID Number

Tax ID Number: 94-6002123

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