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  Notice – The latest updates on the evolving COVID-19 policies and resources for the campus community.
The latest on Rec Sports specific COVID-19 updates and free resources, virtual classes, and online programs available to the campus community.x

Extend your children’s camp day, and rest easy knowing that you have some extra time to get through traffic, finish a few errands, or pick-up dinner before you pick up your children.

Extended Care options can be found below. Camps are sorted by facility. (Early Morning Drop-off/Early Morning Care is included when you register for a camp).


Golden Bears Recreation Center

Afternoon care and activities for all camps located at Golden Bears Recreation Center.


Strawberry Canyon Recreation Area

Afternoon care and activities for Explorer Camp, located at Strawberry Canyon Recreation Area.


UC Aquatic Center at the Berkeley Marina – Cal Adventures

Afternoon care and activities for Cal Adventures camps located at the UC Aquatic Center at the Berkeley Marina.


Martial Arts Camps (Recreational Sports Facility – RSF)

Afternoon care and activities located at the Recreational Sports Facility (RSF).


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