Vincent Bartle

As a triathlete, Vincent Bartle savors the rush of always being on the move, whether on a bike, in the water, or on his own two feet. In the same vein, when it comes to making a positive impact on the lives of others, he believes that human mobilization is essential. He has already demonstrated that his experience and unstoppable drive provide the ideal foundation for creating change.

“The goals that I’ve had for the team were things that made me practice being able to make impossible things happen…Something that happened this year that I’m proud of is we increased our member numbers substantially. In the past three years, something happened in team culture that dropped us to 150. I experienced a lot of that. This year as president, I wanted to dig into the things that I thought were problematic. That had to do with really pushing inclusivity and communicating to everyone that it doesn’t matter if you’re slow. We really care about who you are as an individual. I think in communicating that, we were able to get over our stagnation. We’re at 172 right now.”

Vincent Bartle is a senior at UC Berkeley studying Business and Computer Science and is the President of the Cal Triathlon Team. He hopes to use the knowledge and experience he’s gained to help foster youth and former foster youth like himself.

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