Student BodPod Special

UC Berkeley students: treat yourself with a BodPod – the most efficient and accurate information on fat and lean mass, resting metabolic rate (RMR) and total energy expenditure (TEE) – now available at the discounted rate of $30 for students (with Cal ID). Don’t miss out on this awesome opportunity to get to know your body and health! Register Today.
Sessions are 30 minutes, held at the Wellness Center located on the first floor of the RSF, and include a review of your results with a Fitness staff member.


Preparation and Expectations

You will need to fill out our health history questionnaire – you can pick up the questionnaire at the RSF Customer Service Center or download a PDF version here. Please print and bring this questionnaire to your session.

  • Please refrain from large meals or vigorous exercise TWO hours prior to testing.
  • Wear appropriate attire, either: (a) Form-fitting Speedo-style or other Lycra/spandex-type swim suit; OR (b) Single- layer compression shorts(bike-style shorts WITHOUT padding) and a single-layer (not padded) jog bra.
  • You’ll be asked to remove all other articles of clothing (socks,etc.) as well as jewelry, socks, eyeglasses, etc. And, because we are measuring total body volume, you’ll also be asked to wear a swim cap which we provide.
  • Have an accurate measurement of your height.