Specialty Marketing


We have a number unique marketing opportunities that will help your brand create a lasting impression with 30,000+ Cal students and campus supporters.

The following menu of amazing activations listed below is just the begining. Contact us to develop a customized marketing and branding strategy that meets your needs.


Inquire with our marketing team for specialty marketing opportunities today! Contact us at: busdev@berkeley.edu.

  • Social Media Lounge
  • Beauty Zone
  • Entertainment Stage
  • Outdoor Speiker Plaza
  • Main Event Entrances
  • Customized Activation Area

  • Customized T-shirts for staff and attendees
  • Event bags, sun glasses and other swag
  • Large scale event signage

  • Facebook Live event interview feature during Caltopia
  • Co-branded Promotional Social Media Ads/Posts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)


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