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IM Sports Dodgeball Rules are based on the National Dodgeball League Rules. All players are responsible for reading this document prior to participating in Dodgeball.

The balls are separated between the two teams, and the players take a position behind their end line then must run to collect only their designated balls. At the start of the game, teams approach the centerlines to retrieve four balls.

Six (6) players shall constitute a team; two (2) players are the minimum to start a game. No more than six players per team may be on the court at a time. If a team has additional players, they may wait on the sideline to enter when their team catches an opponent’s throw, but only enter if less than 6 players are on the court at that time. A maximum of twelve (12) players can suit up for a particular game.

Each team is allowed a maximum of twelve (12) players on their Team Roster.

Players shall not wear anything that may be dangerous to another player. Players may not wear hats and jewelry.

A forfeit is awarded if the opposing team fails to show up at the scheduled game time or fails to produce the minimum number of players 15 minutes after the scheduled start time. Should they not get sufficient players within 15 minutes of game time, or if they notified the IM Sports Office by the deadlines posted on the IM Sports’ website about their inability to field a team for their game, an automatic-loss shall be awarded.

Each match will consist of three, 10-minute sets. At least two of these sets will be played out in their entirety. If the third set is not necessary (if one team won both the other sets) the teams may still choose to play the full third set, but are not required.

The match is based on a “best of three” format. Two set points win the match. The set-point is awarded to the team that wins the most games in the 10-minute period. If at the end of the set (10- minute period) the number of game points is tied, the team with the most players left will win the set. If at the end of the set (10-minute period) the number of game points is tied, and both teams have the same number of players remaining, sudden death will occur. The next team to eliminate a player on the opposing team will be the winner of the game and the set and will receive the set point. Game points are awarded within the 10-minute period when all players from one side are eliminated.

A player hit by a ball that has not yet touched the floor or wall is eliminated. If the player catches the ball before it touches the floor or wall, the thrower is eliminated and the catcher’s team may return one player to the game, provided there are fewer than 6 people on the court. Clothing is considered a part of the body and if hit, the player is eliminated. Once a player is hit, any of their teammates can catch the ball, with the result that the thrower is eliminated and the original hit player still stays in play. If a ball ricochets off of a player and a member from that team catches the ball in-bounds, it is still a catch. If the ball is caught out of bounds after ricocheting off of a player only (not a blocked ball), then the hit player and the catcher are both eliminated. If the ball hits more than one player before hitting the ground, all players who have been hit are eliminated.

Headshots resulting from a high thrown ball result in the thrower being eliminated. However, a player hit in the head while ducking or dodging is eliminated. It is illegal for the leading team to control all the balls for more then 5 seconds. (A violation will result in the referee stopping play and the balls will be divided evenly, if playing with three balls then one must be forfeited to the other team.) Balls may not be kicked.

The defender may block a live ball with another ball. That ball is still a live ball however, until it hits the floor, wall or ceiling. If a blocking ball is dropped as a result of contact from a live ball, then the player who drops the ball is eliminated. A player may block a live ball, then throw the blocking ball down and catch a live ball.

When a team catches a throw, any player who is not currently in play may come in, presuming there are less than six (6) people from their team on the court. The player does not have to be one of the original players who was eliminated. Players who are in play may not substitute out for players who have been eliminated. Eliminated players may only reenter the game if a teammate catches a thrown ball.

Players who have been eliminated may retrieve stray balls for their teammates. A player shall not leave the playing field to avoid being hit. If a player attempts to dodge a ball and steps out of bounds, the player is eliminated. If a player catches a ball out of bounds, the thrower is still in and the catcher is eliminated. If the catcher catches the ball in-bounds and then, due to momentum, falls out of bounds, the thrower is eliminated, and a player from the catcher’s team may re-enter. The catcher must return immediately to the game. The only other time a player is allowed to exit the court is to retrieve a ball that has gone out of play, at which time they are not considered in play, and must re-enter the court as soon as possible.

The balls are separated between the two teams, and the players take a position behind their end line then must run to collect only their designated balls. At the start of the game, teams approach the centerlines to retrieve four balls. Players are allowed to cross the center line when running for a ball, but cannot slide or dive for a ball. If players slide or dive they will forfeit the ball to the other team. Balls must be taken back across the designated line before they can be thrown at an opposing player. If the ball is not taken behind the designated line before it is thrown, the throw will not count.

To start a CoRec game there must be an even ratio of males to females on the court. Once play has begun and elimination begins, players re-entering must be of the gender in the minority on the court for their team to even out the ratio. If there is an even ratio already on the court, then any gender may enter. Ex: If 4 players are left, and the split is 2-2, anyone can enter. If the split is 2-1 male to female, a female must enter.

The following actions are not allowed and are grounds for a forfeit:

  • Disrespectfully addressing or contacting an opponent or gesturing in such a manner as to indicate resentment
  • Using profanity or vulgarity; taunting, baiting, or ridiculing another player; or pointing a finger at or making obscene gestures toward another player
  • Intentional head shots
  • Intentionally or flagrantly contacting an opponent
  • Intentionally throwing balls over the net in an effort to waste time
  • When one team has more players and control of all three balls and one ball is placed within an arm’s reach onto the other side of the court in an effort to trap the other team and waste time

Fighting of any kind will not be tolerated by IM Sports. Involvement in a fight includes an automatic, minimum, 365-day suspension. Involvement includes but is not limited to: instigation, retaliation, physical or mental intimidation and being an accessory to a fight. Participants who are not currently in the game can not enter the floor to break up a fight. Participants who leave the bench area during a fight will be ejected from that contest and can face extensive suspensions.

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