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Registration & Eligibility

Complete the steps below to register your Intramural Sports team.

IM Sports Season Pass: Access to unlimited IM Sports for just $25 per individual per season. Play as many different sports as you would like with the purchase of an IM Sports Season Pass. Individual sport restrictions apply (see below). When purchasing your IM Sports Season Pass, please be sure to select the appropriate season (Fall 2021) from the dropdown menu.

Fall 2021 semester team registration for captains and free agents begins SEPTEMBER 23.  Season start date will begin OCTOBER 10. (Subject to change)


NEW FOR FALL 2021: All IM Sports activities will be self-officiated and supervised by an IM Sports Game Manager. All participants are expected to abide by the IM Sports Code of Conduct to maintain eligibility.


Team Registration – Captains

Invited Players

Players who are invited to a team by a captain that has paid the team fee.

Free Agents

Players who want to play IM Sports but do not have an invite from a captain or enough players to form their own team. IM Sports sets aside a select number of teams each season (in most, but not all sports) specifically for Free Agent players.

Within the same sport and level (e.g. Speed Soccer – Open), you cannot play on multiple teams as both an Invited Player and Free Agent.

The Free Agent program is not intended to accommodate teams that are wait listed or otherwise did not make it into the division of choice. Participants who abuse the Free Agent program will be banned from participation.


To participate in Intramural Sports you must have a valid Rec Sports Membership and have purchased the IM Sports Season Pass ($25). Rec Sports promotional/trial memberships and UC Reciprocity facility memberships are not eligible for IM Sports.

Picture Identification

All players must be prepared to show Officials a valid Cal 1 ID card (students, faculty or staff) or current Rec Sports Membership Card in order to participate in IM Sports. Individuals without current membership and picture identification will not be allowed to participate.

A team unable to field a minimum number of players with current IM Sports Season Pass and picture identification will forfeit the contest. Participating teams must ensure all participants have purchased the required membership and IM Sports Season Pass at least 24-48 hours prior to their first game.

League Participation Restrictions

Purchase of an IM Sports Season Pass entitles you to unlimited participation in IM Sports with the following exceptions:

  • Basketball (5-on-5) – 1 Open and 1 CoRec team
  • Basketball (3-on-3) – 1 Open team (NOT OFFERED Fall 2021)
  • Dodgeball – 1 Open and 1 CoRec team (NOT OFFERED Fall 2021)
  • Flag Football – 1 Open team
  • Futsal – 1 Open and 1 CoRec team (NOT OFFERED Fall 2021)
  • Soccer (11s) – 1 Open team
  • Softball – 1 Open and 1 CoRec team (NOT OFFERED Fall 2021)
  • Speed Soccer – 1 Open, 1 CoRec and 1 Women’s team
  • Ultimate – 1 Open team
  • Volleyball – 1 Open and 1 CoRec team

Free Agents: Keep these restrictions in mind when requesting access to Free Agent teams.

IM Sports rosters are not intended to be fluid. Once you appear on a roster and play in a game, you may not switch teams. If you are removed from a roster, you lose all eligibility for that sport/season and cannot be added back onto the roster. All rosters lock and are frozen once the regular season ends – no new players may be added to rosters once the regular season ends.

Special Audiences

There are restrictions on participation for current and former intercollegiate athletes, current Sport Club athletes, and other “highly competitive” athletes. Captains who wish to place this type of participant on their roster are advised to contact the Intramural Sports Director before adding this type of player to their roster.

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