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Esports Teams

Over 120 collegiate student-athletes currently represent UC Berkeley at national and international gaming competitions. Our championship-winning esports teams compete for scholarships and world renown.


Game Division 1 Division 2
Overwatch Cal Overwatch – Cal Hacks Cal Overwatch II
Dota 2 Cal Dota Division 1 Cal Dota Division 2
Hearthstone Hearthstone UC Berkeley
League of Legends uLol Primary Team uLol Division 2
Starcraft II Berkeley Starcraft
Counter Strike: Global Offensive Cal Golden Bears Cal Golden Bears II
Rocket League Cal One Cal Golden Two
PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Cal PUBG
Fortnite Cal Fortnite
Rainbow Six: Siege Golden Bears
Beat Saber Cal Beatsaber Cal Beatsaber II
Echo Arena Cal Echo Arena
Smash Melee UCB Melee
Smash Ultimate UCB Ultimate


Year Event Finish
2019 ESPN Collegiate Esports Championship – Starcraft 2 1st Place
2018 Fiesta Bowl Overwatch Collegiate National Championship 1st Place
2017 Tespa Collegiate Series – Overwatch Spring Training Grounds 1st Place
2016 Tespa Collegiate Series – Overwatch National Championships 1st Place
2016 Collegiate Starleague – Starcraft II 1st Place
2015 Heroes of the Dorm National Championships 1st Place
2015 Collegiate Star League Dota 2 National Championships 1st Place
2015 Collegiate Starleague Starcraft II National Championships 2nd Place
2014 Collegiate Hearthstone Open 2nd Place
2013 Collegiate Starleague – Starcraft II 1st Place
2013 AZUBU Collegiate Champions 1st Place
2009 Collegiate Starleague – Starcraft II 1st Place

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