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Esports Teams

Over 120 collegiate student-athletes currently represent UC Berkeley at national and international gaming competitions. Our championship-winning esports teams compete for scholarships and world renown.


Game Division 1 Division 2
Overwatch Cal Overwatch – Cal HacksCal Overwatch II
Dota 2 Cal Dota Division 1Cal Dota Division 2
Hearthstone Hearthstone UC Berkeley
League of Legends uLol Primary TeamuLol Division 2
Starcraft II Berkeley Starcraft
Counter Strike: Global Offensive Cal Golden BearsCal Golden Bears II
Rocket League Cal OneCal Golden Two
PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Cal PUBG
Fortnite Cal Fortnite
Rainbow Six: Siege Golden Bears
Beat Saber Cal BeatsaberCal Beatsaber II
Echo Arena Cal Echo Arena
Smash Melee UCB Melee
Smash Ultimate UCB Ultimate


Year Event Finish
2019 ESPN Collegiate Esports Championship – Starcraft 21st Place
2018 Fiesta Bowl Overwatch Collegiate National Championship1st Place
2017 Tespa Collegiate Series – Overwatch Spring Training Grounds 1st Place
2016 Tespa Collegiate Series – Overwatch National Championships1st Place
2016 Collegiate Starleague – Starcraft II1st Place
2015 Heroes of the Dorm National Championships1st Place
2015 Collegiate Star League Dota 2 National Championships1st Place
2015 Collegiate Starleague Starcraft II National Championships2nd Place
2014 Collegiate Hearthstone Open2nd Place
2013 Collegiate Starleague – Starcraft II1st Place
2013 AZUBU Collegiate Champions1st Place
2009 Collegiate Starleague – Starcraft II1st Place

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