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  Notice – The latest updates on the evolving COVID-19 policies and resources for the campus community.
The latest on Rec Sports specific COVID-19 updates and free resources, virtual classes, and online programs available to the campus community.x

Join the Cal Aquatic Masters Listserv

By signing up for the Cal Aquatic Masters listserv, you will receive important information about workout changes, social events and other Cal Aquatic Masters updates. We use the listserv sparingly, and strongly encourage all members to join. Join Today.

Aquatic Masters Google Group

The Cal Aquatics Masters google group allows members to communicate about swim and non-swim related activities. Google Group Sign-Up.

Call for Help

If you have a medical emergency while swimming, BE DRAMATIC; get noticed. If you see someone who might need help (e.g., stopped in the middle of the pool, coughing badly) verify there is/is not a problem – don’t assume everything is okay.  

Swim in the Correct Lane

Select a lane which is the right pace for you. Repeatedly getting caught or repeatedly catching swimmers means you need to try a slower or faster lane.  

Five Seconds Rule

Give the swimmer ahead of you five seconds before you push off the wall at the beginning of a swim.  

Circle Swim Counter-Clockwise

Swim on the right side of the lane; don’t swim down the middle (be extra careful doing backstroke). If there are only two of you in a lane, you may agree to split the lane until another swimmer joins you.  

Stopping / Resting

Stop/rest at the extreme right side of the wall (as you face the wall); the left side is for turns. If you can’t complete a swim, move to the extreme right side of the lane and continue to the wall at your best pace.  

Passing Another Swimmer

Try to wait until the end of a swim to change places with another swimmer. To pass in the middle of a swim, tap the preceding swimmer’s foot twice as you approach the flags (one tap might be an accident). S/he will stop at the next wall (on the right) to let you by. Note: If you pass someone, be prepared to stay ahead for the rest of the set, and preferably the rest of the workout. If you feel your foot tapped twice, allow the swimmer behind you to pass.  


Cross to the left side of the lane to make your turn. If you get too close to the preceding swimmer, you might have to turn somewhat closer to the middle of the lane. (Give the preceding swimmer a little more room in subsequent turns or pass the swimmer – see “Passing Another Swimmer” above).  

Arriving Late

If you arrive late, either pick up the workout in the middle (same stroke, same speed as everybody else) or, wait for “empty water” to begin your warm up and move out of the way as needed.  

Second Workouts

If there is space in the next workout, you are welcome to keep swimming. Be sure to start the next workout from its beginning (warm up, drills, etc.); don’t continue where you left off in your previous workout.  

Changes to the Workout

You can’t change the workout for the lane (e.g., when you are leading) unless everyone in the lane agrees (e.g., 3 seconds between swimmers when the lane is crowded, shorter interval). If you want to make your own changes (e.g., swim a different stroke, use equipment when no equipment is specified), stay out of the way of other swimmers.  

Scents and Perfumes

When possible, please refrain from wearing excessive amounts of cologne or perfume to practice. Some of our members have had allergic reactions to strong scents, and we’d like to do what we can to keep them comfortable.

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