Osaki Higgwe

As both a dancer and a musician, Osaki Higgwe knows how to captivate an audience. She has cultivated her ability to engage a large group of people, and one can witness that in the Zumba classes she teaches. Presently, she primarily shares her talents with the UC Berkeley community, where she once thrived as a student and now prospers as a graduate, but she strives to one day be able to share her art with the world.

“Dancing is my first love, first passion. I was a student-athlete here for two years and I stopped for physical reasons. My body couldn’t handle it anymore. After that, I went into choreographing and coordinating with the Nigerian Student Association Dance Team on campus. When I thought I was graduating, I handed over the torch, but it ended up that I needed one more semester. I was like, ‘Man I wanna dance, I still wanna find a way to work out and do what I love to do.’ Now here I am teaching [Zumba] at Cal…Dance for me is the best way for me to keep active and it’s amazing that I get paid to do that.”

Osaki Higgwe is a recent UC Berkeley graduate and a Zumba teacher at Berkeley Rec Sports. She is also pursuing a career in music and hopes to teach to her own songs some day.

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