Nicole Estillore

On the inside of her right wrist, Nicole Estillore has the word “Loyalty” etched in black ink and swirly script. Ask her about the tattoo and the story she’ll tell is one that speaks of loyalty in itself and her fierce dedication to her friendships. Although she enjoys sharing the occasional joke, she does not throw her words around frivolously. The communities she cares about can always count on her humor and demeanor to brighten even the darkest days and on her loyalty to shine through in the end.

“A lot of people know me as the person who entertains other people, so people always tell me to get into the entertainment industry. I like making people laugh. Life is too short to be boring. As long as you know and respect people’s boundaries, I feel like everyone should find time in their day to make people laugh. I’m kind of small and people overlook me, so I have to compensate with what I say and my personality. It’s like, ‘Here comes Nicole.’”

Nicole Estillore is a recent graduate of UC Berkeley with a degree in Economics. She is a Recreational Operations Supervisor and is involved with the All Bears Train initiative, which strives to make the weight room a safe and welcoming space for women.

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