Megan Bradley

For Megan Bradley, nothing can compare to the exhilaration of biking through mountainous terrain. She craves the challenge and dedicates her heart and soul to the climb. Megan’s perseverance is apparent in every facet of her life, whether she is volunteering at a wildlife sanctuary to pursue her passion for the environment or vying for first place in a big race.

“Usually, I try not to have expectations. But this time, with all those months of training [for nationals], I was like, ‘I’m going to win. I’m not going to get second.’ I started the first lap in last and I just did not have a good start. I was feeling kind of bad and I was still behind in the second lap. Then the third lap, something just kicked in. I was like ‘I’m not driving home for 8 hours with second, or third, or fourth. I have to win.’ Something flipped and I just blazed up this climb and never let go of the gas. I ended up coming in two minutes ahead of second and my third lap was my fastest lap. I was just determined and I was not going to get anything less. I trusted myself and committed to it.”

Megan Bradley is a junior at UC Berkeley studying Landscape Architecture and Conservation and Resource Studies. She is on the Cal Cycling Team and won first place in the 2016 USA Cycling Mountain Bike National Championships.
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