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The California Hurling Club was established in 2008 and is an active member of the National Collegiate Gaelic Athletic Association (NCGAA).



Hurling is a three thousand year old sport that combines the skills of many modern sports such as lacrosse, baseball, soccer, and just about every other sport a person can think of in one way or another. Extremely fun to play and easy to pick up with little to no athletic experience, it’s a sport everyone should get the chance to play at least once in their lifetime.

Matches are always fast paced and exciting with the ball moving all the way down the field in a split second, keeping the pacing of the game quick and exciting not only for the players but for those watching as well.


No tryout necessary! Come to our practice on any Sunday to get a taste of this sport if you are interested!


Duration Price
Annually $175
Fall $75
Spring $100


League Affiliation

California Collegiate Gaelic Athletic Association
National Collegiate Athletic Association

Contact Information

Berkeley Rec Sports