Francesca Caruncho

How much do you know about Francesca Caruncho? She is vibrant, she is goofy, and like an unextinguishable flame, she is fiercely kind. Fran’s unwavering positive spirit and desire to help others are demonstrated in the ways she gives back to the communities that have shaped her and enriched her life.“I came to Cal and I ended up finding this youth mentorship program through the Filipino community. A lot of the kids are immigrants from the Philippines– just recently immigrated without a lot of their families, and they came to a new country barely speaking English [with] no sense of a role model in their life. The reason why I joined youth mentorship is because I had [role models] in my life, my parents, and I couldn’t imagine not having that. I didn’t really know what it meant to be Filipino but coming here I found out again and I’m glad that I’m able to let younger kids not forget their Filipino identity. I just felt like it made me more understanding of my parents and my family and the way I grew up…It was that thing that you didn’t realize you needed in your life and it just came anyways.”

Francesca Caruncho works as the Basketball referee for Cal Intramural Sports. She is a Junior at UC Berkeley studying Psychology and Cognitive Science with a minor in Education.

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