Humans of Rec Sports – Cris Gomez

When growing up, Cris Gomez learned how to fight through tough times to follow the best path in his life that would lead him to happiness. He fell off the track for a time in high school, but worked hard day and night and graduated. Then he enlisted in the Air Force for 10 years, married his high school sweetheart, had a child and, after all that, still went back to school at Berkeley. Now he is dedicated to pursuing success in what is best for himself and his family.

“Just being around Berkeley… the folks I was being introduced to, the mindsets, the openness, the inclusiveness… people planted seeds. One day, literally overnight it seemed, I woke up really wanting to go back to school. I love what these people are talking about, I love what they’re fighting for around here in Berkeley. All the different ideas and politics meshing here, jelling, interacting with one another. I wanted to be a part of that.”

Cris works at UC Berkeley as an academic counselor and is applying to be a personal trainer.

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