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Cal Recreational Sports Development Fund

The Department of Recreational Sports has been serving students, staff, faculty and the Cal community for over 50 years. Unfortunately, declining campus and state funding has created an economic barrier to providing families and students in need with the opportunity to be a part of our adult and youth programs.

In direct response to this growing economic need, the Recreational Sports Development Fund was established. Since the program was launched in 2002, the generosity of the Cal Community has helped us provide over 700 weeks of camp scholarships to families living in the East Bay.

More information about the Cal Recreational Sports Development Fund can be found at:


Benefiting from our strategic partnership with the Cal Alumni Association, a portion of the Cal Bears Online Auctions proceeds will support our summer youth camp scholarship program through the Cal Recreational Sports Development Fund and various alumni sponsored students programs and services.

Over the years the generosity of the Cal community has helped fund over 700 weeks of summer camp scholarships for deserving families as well as expanded the number of programs for Cal students. Our ambitious goal for 2016 is to double our programs and services awarded to the Cal community.

Contact if you would like to donate to the auction or recommend a family for a summer camp scholarship.

The wellness journey for all Cal students begins with having the appropriate resources to support an active lifestyle. Unfortunately, the rising cost of tuition and daily living has created an economic barrier for many students to properly balance their educational and wellness priorities.

In direct response to this growing economic need, Recreational Sports, Intercollegiate Athletics, the Cal Student Store and the Educational Opportunity Program are teaming up to launch the UC Berkeley Wellness Apparel Project. The project has been established to provide a secure and active delivery of donated wellness apparel from the Cal community directly to students in need.

The UC Berkeley Wellness Apparel Project will be located in Stiles Hall and align with the UC Berkeley Food Bank as another model of a holistic campus wellness resource. EOP staff and students will manage the day-to-day operations and actively support the other partners’ ongoing outreach to the Cal community for donated clothing.

Donations of slightly worn or new wellness shoes, shirts and sweats will be accepted at Recreational Sports. Please reach out to coordinate delivery of your donation at

Recreational Sports will donate one stuffed “Bear Hug” to a child at Oakland Children’s Hospital and Research Center in the name of Caltopia exhibitors. Over 500 “Bears Hugs” have been provided to children since the programs inception.



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