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Rosie Reffkin


  • AS in Physical Therapy Assistance (Carrington College)
  • B.A. in Philosophy, Northern Arizona University


  • Personal Trainer (ACE)
  • Corrective Exercise Specialist (NASM)
  • Physical Therapist Assistant (PTBC)


  • Spanish speaker
  • High school: Long distance runner and pole vaulter 
  • Leader of the SIR Senior Fitness Circuit last year in Walnut Creek, a strength, flexibility, and balance program for seniors
  • Certified trainer for 2.5 years


  • Dance and yoga experience since early adulthood, pursuing a certification in yoga
  • Program Leading: SIR Senior Fitness Circuit 2014 in Walnut Creek, a strength, balance, and flexibility exercise program for 65+.
  • Worked as a Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant from 2018 – 2022
  • Certified Personal Trainer since 2012 spanning large big box gyms to small family-owned clubs.


  • Personal: Vast experience with dance and yoga, long distance running, biking, high altitude hiking, and weight lifting; Moderate experience with soccer, basketball, swimming, and indoor climbing.
  • Training Experience: core strength, flexibility, TRX training, bootcamp and circuit training, corrective exercise, Bod Pod, strength training
  • Physical Therapy Experience: Outpatient, which entails injury recovery, surgery rehabilitation, muscle strengthening and lengthening to manage pain, balance training, and manual therapy. Inpatient, which entails gait training, fall prevention, and muscle strengthening to improve quality of life.


  • Health-related: traveling, sleeping, eating, being outdoors, and all kinds of exercise.
  • Not necessarily health-related: piano playing, dabbling in art, reading and writing, playing with animals, and spending time with friends and family.

Personal Philosophy

Rosie was inspired to form a career in health and fitness for two reasons: 1) fascination for the capabilities of the human body to overcome what sometimes seems impossible, 2) gratefulness for the health benefits she has reaped by her own physical health. With anyone she treats, she will spend ample time getting to know their preferences and clarifying her treatments, ensuring that her patients and clients are on the path that is right for them.​


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