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Preferred Pronouns



  • Brown University – B.A. Public Health and B.A. Psychology


  • NASM Personal Trainer Certified 2022


  • I have been competing in NCAA Division 1 Track and Field for the past five years, through my undergrad at Brown to my final NCAA year here at Berkeley. My main event that I have found success in is the hammer throw, currently ranked top 10 in NCAA. Part of what I attribute my achievements to come from both the strength-training I do in the weightroom and the utilization of proper recovery techniques. I have worked with many weight-room coaches, trainers, and even an Olympic-lift club in Rhode Island (Providence Barbell Club) to perfect my form and gain insights on how athletes/individuals should train and recover.

Personal Philosophy

  • Everybody deserves the capability to wellness. Through understanding our habits (from small to big) we are capable of progressing our growth in mind and body.

Favorite Quote

  • “The seed of every habit is a single, tiny decision” James Clear


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