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Ilyana Achziger


  • B.A. American Studies, University of California, Berkeley


  • National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), CPT
  • American Red Cross CPR/AED Certified


Ilyana was a former coxswain and co-captain of the women’s crew at Berkeley High School and the University of California, Berkeley. She led her team in races all over the west coast as well as racing at the Head of the Charles against crews from all over the world. She coxed the California women’s varsity eight crew to a number six National ranking in her final season. She recently reunited with other alumni to return to racing at the San Diego Crew Classic in San Diego.


Her years of experience as a member of a women’s rowing team have made her aware of the complexity of finding a healthy life/school/work/workout balance. She also understands the challenge of maintaining that balance and is constantly looking for ways to incorporate fitness into daily routines. She excels at working with women on finding their core motivation to move them towards physical change. She also has five years of experience in the fitness industry working on the service side to create programs to keep clients interested and motivated.


Ilyana is also an artist, specializing in digital collage and has displayed works in local art shows. Outside the weight room she practices hatha yoga, biking on the bay trail, camping and canoeing. She also enjoys reading, gardening, visiting museums and farmers markets and spending time out and about with her two dogs. An avid sports fan, she spends many weekends at soccer, football, and basketball games where she finds continued inspiration for further hard work in the weight room.

Personal Philosophy

Ilyana believes that you already have everything you need to succeed within you. For most people the road to that success is difficult to navigate. For those people she wants to create fun and challenging workouts that will get their body craving movement. She hopes that helping her clients find a freedom in their movement will induce healthier patterns in other areas of life. She believes that enjoying the journey is a critical aspect and is constantly looking for innovative ways to keep workouts interesting. She wants to create a partnership with her clients where they participate in the creation of a personalized strategy for achieving change. She believes that performance in her sessions will always improve if she can engage her clients so they are equally invested in every step needed to attain their goals.


‘Fluctuat nec mergitur,’ a Latin phrase that means “she is tossed by the waves, but is not sunk.”

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