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Step 1: Fill Out Our Health History Questionnaire

Before your first session, you’ll need to fill out the Health History Questionnaire and bring with you to your first session. Please print and bring this questionnaire to your first session with the trainer.

Please note that when filling out the PAR-Q portion of the Health Questionnaire, if you answer “yes” to one or more question you will need to receive medical clearacnce before your first session.

Health History Questionnaire

Step 2: Create a MindBody Account

Once you have submitted your paperwork, visit our MindBody Online purchasing and scheduling system to create your account.

Please note: By default, your account will be a Non-RSF Member account. In order to change to a RSF member account, please visit or call the RSF Customer Service Center at 510-642-7796 after you have created your account.

Create Account

Step 3: Schedule Your Next Session

Find a day and time the works with your schedule by selecting from the drop-down menus below.

We now offer personal training at both the RSF (located on Bancroft Way) and Stadium Fitness Center (located in California Memorial Stadium) facilities.

To choose your location, select your option from either the RSF or CMS menu option.

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