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Group Ex Class Descriptions

Full Body

Class Description
Burn This class incorporates cardio, strength training and core exercises and equipment to get the most out of the 50-minute workout.
HIIT X An exciting workout that offers aerobic, anaerobic, muscular endurance, and fat burning exercises that will push you to your limits.
P90X Get an all-around workout in this new 25 minute P90X class targeting training phases so your body keeps adapting and growing.
Total Athletic Conditioning An ultimate cross-training workout that combines movements from various sports, boot camp drills, martial arts and muscle conditioning to improve cardio and muscular endurance and agility.
Total Body Blitz This full body workout uses sliding disks requiring you to recruit your core to flow from one movement to another.


Class Description
Aqua Exercise Use water as resistance for exercises designed to work the muscular and cardio systems.
Cardio Dance Cardio Dance combines traditional aerobic routines with dance-based choreography. No experience necessary.
Cardio Swim Workout Enjoy a professionally coached cardio session with the Cal Aquatics Masters Team. Stroke technique and interval training are emphasized in class.
Group Cycling Combines cycling techniques with sport psychology methods employed by athletes of all disciplines. Note, these classes tend to fill up.
High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) An exciting workout that offers aerobic, anaerobic, muscular endurance, and fat burning exercises that will push you to your limits.
Nia Technique A form of fusion fitness that incorporates elements of dance, martial arts and healing arts into a class that is part choreographed and part free form.
Step Basics Fast paced cardio classes that use simple step movements along with weights, intervals, and calisthenics. Includes intermediate, advanced, and high intensity levels.
Intermediate Step Choreograph-based classes combining movements that will get you stepping in many different ways to get your heart pumping.
Power Pop Dance This sexy class is a combination of belly dancing, hip-hop and classic burlesque moves, designed to inspire your inner performer. Shoes are optional.
UrbanKick® An innovative and athletic workout that expertly blends kickboxing with sports conditioning and HIIT drills.
Zumba A fitness program inspired by Latin dances, Zumba fuses hypnotic Latin rhythms with easy-to-follow dance moves for an exhilarating and fun aerobic workout.


Class Description
Hard Core This 30-minute class strengthens your core by incorporating balance, stability, and strength exercises.
Ball + Core + Strength A fun and challenging class which incorporates stretching, balancing, and flexibility work using stability balls, bands, and weights.
Core Blast This class uses the BOSU Balance Trainer and the stability ball to integrate all aspects of athletic training to improve your cardio and strength while challenging your balance and stability.
Mat Pilates This class uses a series of precise, breath synchronized movements to strengthen your core muscles, increasing your flexibility, body alignment, core control, and overall toning.

Mind and Body

Class Description
Power Yoga A challenging and dynamic class based upon the principles of Ashtanga and Vinyasa yoga.
Sunrise Yoga Come join us early in the morning to learn how to use breathing techniques, sun salutations, and seated/standing poses to improve your sense of well-being.
Tai Chi Improves balance, reduces stress, promotes health, and creates mind/body/spirit alignment. Includes Chi Kung exercises & Yang style solo form.
Vinyasa Yoga Focuses on breath-synchronized movement and the rhythm of your breath as you flow from one pose to another while increasing strength, stamina, and flexibility.
Yoga Basics These core yoga poses, concepts and breath-work tools develop inner body awareness and create stillness of the mind increasing flexibility, balance, strength, awareness, and equanimity.
Yoga Stretch This class incorporates gentle movement with longer holds to release and open the body. Great for students who are new to yoga or athletes who are interested in deep stretching.
Yogalates A combination of Yoga and Pilates, this class combines the best of both practices, strengthening core muscles and overall toning while increasing flexibility.

Strength Training

Class Description
Burn A non-stop low impact workout that uses light resistance and lots of reps, mixed with light cardio training to increase muscular endurance.
Circuit Training Participants use various resistance-training equipment: free weights, machines, medicine balls, resistance balls, BOSUs, etc. to work your entire body.
Pure Strength Build muscle; burn fat. Use effective training and lifting techniques to get stronger and leaner.
Burn X This is a 30-minute express version of our Burn X class. Increase metabolism, strength and bone density using various methods of resistance training.


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