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Position Description

The primary responsibility of the Medical Staff member is to provide care that emphasizes the use of appropriate skills, knowledge, and abilities (e.g. health care, first aid, and general support) to assure the comfort, safety, and well being of the Cal Youth Camp summer youth sports and recreation participants (ages 5-15) and to the recreational swimming patrons (infants to adults). Individuals in this position must reflect a balance and understanding of both patient care needs and efficient program operations. This staff member reports directly to the Camp Coordinators and the Director. All applicants must have sensory abilities, e.g. hearing and sight, necessary to perform the duties of the position. Having a NREMT certification is preferred.

Pay Rate: $14-18 per hour

Job Responsibilities

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  • Develop, interpret, implement, evaluate, and document a plan of care for patients (children and adults) consistent with University Health Service (UHS) and CYOP policies, procedures, and guidelines.
  • Establish a priority of care for patients and treat accordingly.
  • When appropriate and if patients are able, encourage patients to rejoin classes or group.
  • Demonstrate sensitivity and concern during all patient interactions.
  • Recognize symptoms and diagnostic test results that deviate from normal. Follow through on abnormal findings in a timely manner using appropriate resources.
  • Provide emergency first aid and health care utilizing EMT/paramedic skills and protocols as needed. Direct or assist staff in the implementation of emergency or health care procedures.
  • Provide counseling to and interaction with participants regarding health care and other issues.
  • Document assessments and interventions clearly, accurately, promptly, and concisely. Document accidents, incidents, or health issues as appropriate. Process Accident Reports, Incidents Reports, Child Abuse forms when needed.
  • Demonstrate professionalism, courtesy, and sensitivity in all interactions with patients and staff.
  • Refer program and administrative questions to appropriate supervisor.
  • Follow and implement CYOP and University policies and procedures, services, and locations.
  • Follow CYOP and the State of California procedures in Mandated Reporting laws regarding child abuse.
  • Provide input into accident prevention including: facilities, equipment, supervision, activities, and other environmental factors. Assist with the development and implementation of emergency/disaster plan for assigned facility.
  • Notify Camp Coordinator regarding status of camp participants receiving treatment. Work with Camp Coordinator in communicating to parents and physicians medical conditions or health issues, and making recommendations on sending camp participant home or transporting to another health care facility.
  • Follow CYOP procedures and complete appropriate forms (EMT Pass, check-out) for monitoring the whereabouts of children (i.e. checking in and out of children to/from classes or from camp, informing staff when a child is at the EMT’s office or sent home).
  • Organize and prioritize workload in keeping with CYOP, UHS, and University standards.
  • Work efficiently and provide balanced care to patients in a busy and hectic environment.
  • Demonstrate understanding and consistently follow Universal Precautions.
  • Assist with the development, training, and implementation of Bloodborne Pathogen and Infection Control.
  • Demonstrate a positive, constructive attitude that facilitates achieving both patient care and CYOP goals and objectives. Demonstrate good judgment.
  • Follow agreed upon work schedule, and find substitutes from approved list.
  • Monitor camp office as needed. Assist and direct parents, answer questions, disseminate CYOP program information, answer phones, data entry, file, equipment inventory, etc.
  • Manage first aid supplies. Inventory, secure, and notify supervisor of supplies needed.
  • Supervise children as required and fill in for staff as needed.
  • Attend trainings and meetings as required.
  • Maintain current required certifications (CPR, AED, First Aid, NREMT).
  • Perform miscellaneous tasks as requested by Director, Coordinators, or Program Assistant.
Please download and read the PEM_GroupLeader form. This form will fully explain the demands of the job you are applying for. If you have any questions after reading the form, please feel free to contact us.

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