Claire Smith

Claire Smith is not only talented, but she also has a very generous heart and a passion to do what she loves. After her mom put her into ballet classes when she was five with her best friend, she was hooked. Dancing is a major part of her life and who she is. So, of course, she would do everything she could to continue with this art form that gives her life and a way to be able to share her passion with her friends and the UC Berkeley community.

“Growing up, I’ve always been a dancer. By the time I was in high school I was super involved, and my senior year I was captain, so I wanted to find something similar to that here at Cal. That’s why I joined Danceworx. I love it because we do two outdoor showcases on Sproul and it’s really cool to be dancing and see people who you don’t even know and are just walking to class stop and watch. It’s a fun way to promote Danceworx and give it back to Berkeley for free.”

Claire is a sophomore at UC Berkeley and a proud member of Danceworx.


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