Changes to Specialized Personal Training Program

In 2016, Rec Sports received a grant from the Wellness Fund that, in part, provided funds for free personal training for any student with a physical or non-physical disability.

As of May 17, 2019, the grant funds allocated for this free service have run out. Rec Sports is actively seeking alternative longer term funding opportunities for this service, including community and campus grants and private donations. We are hopeful a funding source will be identified so we can reestablish the program.

In the meantime, Rec Sports is proud to continue to offer a variety of programs and services to serve those in the Cal community with disabilities, including adaptive cardio and weight training equipment throughout the RSF, Goal Ball, CalSTAR membership and yoga classes.

To be clear, these programs and services will remain active and are not impacted by this change. Rec Sports also continues to provide specialized personal training with an associated fee.

Additionally, Rec Sports has received a grant to support a new Rec Sports Opportunity Fund, which will allow students to apply for a partial or full subsidy to cover the fees needed to participate in programs including Intramural Sports, Personal Training, Instructional Fitness (e.g. swimming and tennis lessons), Cal Adventures, and specialized training for students with disabilities.

We encourage those students affected by this change who wish to continue with their specialized personal training to apply for the Rec Sports Opportunity Fund. The Opportunity Fund will begin accepting applications on August 1.

We are committed to supporting with students with disabilities and welcome the opportunity to help them apply for the Opportunity Fund waivers. For assistance and to begin your application, please contact Heather Lockwood at