Cal Esports Community Center


The Cal Esports program is re-defining what it means to be a student-athlete and gamer on the UC Berkeley campus. Our holistic model is built on the cornerstones of community, competition, lifelong learning, wellness and social good.


Hours of Operation

Monday – Friday, 7 p.m. – 12 a.m.

Saturday – Sunday, 3 p.m. – 10 p.m.

The Cal Esports Community Center will be closed on University recognized holidays.

Gaming Fees & Playing Blocks

Gaming fees are packaged into Playing Blocks of hourly increments. See menu options below.

Purchases of Playing Blocks can only be made with a Cal 1 Debit Card onsite at the Cal Esports Community Center. Purchased time does not have to be used in one gaming session and can be used over multiple sessions.

Online deposits are the fastest, easiest way to add money to your Cal 1 Card debit account
Please be aware, all players are required to have a Gaming Account with ggLeap in order to access the Playing Blocks. Details outlined below.


Block Time Price
Base Price 1 Hour $4
Block One 10 Hours $30
Block Two 30 hours $75


Gaming Accounts

The Cal Esports Community will be using ggLeap as the online management software for each gaming station.

All participants are required to create a ggLeap account with a UC Berkeley email. Accounts can only be created at the Cal Esports Community Center. All information collected will be secured by ggLeap and not be distributed to a third party.

The individual user’s account uses the Playing Block hours to create a Time Bank that will track a users daily playing time. Remaining time does not expire until purchased Playing Block hours have been fully used up.

Playing Blocks cannot be transferred, resold, or roll over to a new academic year. Refunds or cancellations are not available.


The Cal Esports Community Center is located in the Foothill Residential Hall.
2700 Hearst Avenue, Berkeley CA 94720
UC Berkeley Campus Map


The Cal Esports Community Center will be operated and staffed by Cal students.

A total of 54 gaming stations will be available for both casual and competitive gamers.

Each gaming station will feature a high-end gaming PC and monitor sponsored by NVIDIA.

The peripherals, sponsored by CORSAIR, will include mice, keyboards, headsets, and gaming chairs.

The full game library on every PC features all supported esports titles: Dota 2, Overwatch, League of Legends, Fortnite, Starcraft 2, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Heroes of the Storm, Hearthstone, and others. More games will be available by a periodic rotation.


Open Play Gaming Area will be home to the Cal Esports Intramural program, which will begin its inaugural year with League of Legends.

Comfortable and relaxed activity area designed for viewing of events and console gameplay on both large TV’s in the main gaming room.

Streaming and broadcasting booth room for students and streamers to connect with the on and off-campus community online via Twitch. It also serves as the main broadcasting hub for all official Cal Esports matches.

Competitive gaming area designated for Cal Esports competitive teams.

A collaborative workspace, sponsored by Bluescape designed to drive discovery, entrepreneurship and social good. Students, partners, and DeCals will be invited to change the world through gaming related initiatives.

The Foothill Dining Commons offers traditional favorites at breakfast and a variety of options for lunch and dinner. Menu items include hot entree selections, vegan/vegetarian menu items, made-to-order deli sandwiches, and desserts. The Late Night dining program will serve selected menu items until 12:00 am.


Principles of Community

All players are expected to adhere to the code of conduct to ensure a respectful and inclusive environment.

We are a great community filled with respect, compassion, and acceptance of all ethnicities, religions, identities, and genders. We recognize the dignity of fellow students and competitors. All are welcome regardless of personal or gaming differences.

We create a positive shared environment by exhibiting compassionate behavior towards others within the game. As competitors, we conduct ourselves with integrity and sportsmanship.

We demonstrate our traits as champions by being humble in victory and gracious in defeat. We strive to be the best without arrogance and through collaboration.

We recognize the importance of family and friendship over competition. All our actions and efforts are designed to give back to the community that supports us.

We leverage our capabilities and strengths as people and gamers to bring comfort to those around us. We share our breadth of knowledge and resources to bring the best out in others.

We strengthen ourselves out of own volition by constantly improving our behavior, attitude, and gameplay.


Player Expectations

Online players are people too. If you are playing with someone over the Internet, give him/her the same respect you would in person.

Other players at the community center may prefer to play their game differently than you. Every gamer plays differently and enjoys gaming in their own way.

Encouragement is more powerful than criticism. Empower others rather than mock them. Criticism should be conveyed in a constructive and respectful manner.

More matches are won with a positive attitude than a negative one. The game becomes a lot more enjoyable with a healthy mentality

Take a minute or two at the end of each match to stand up or take a look around the room – it is good for your body.

“Learn how to be a gracious winner and an outstanding loser” -Joe Namath

Women in Gaming

The Women in Gaming Initiative is a Cal Esports-supported community effort to making gaming more inclusive for women at Cal and increase female presence for Cal Esports programs.

The initiative’s goal is to bring equality, empowerment, and inclusion to the campus Esports community and gaming as a whole.

We want to encourage women to pursue their dreams of having careers in the esports and gaming industries through multiple disciplines, including competitive gaming.

Transportation and Parking

The following campus transportation options are available to students, staff and faculty.

Bear Transit Perimeter Line
Monday – Friday from 7:00 AM – 7:30 PM

Foothill Parking Structure

UC Berkeley – Night Safety Services

Every day, Dusk – 3:00 AM

BearWalk is a largely student-run operation, but it is part of the University Police (UCPD). Dispatchers working behind the scenes and the walkers who show up to get you there are Community Service Officers, known as CSOs. They use RideCell software to dispatch requests and determine the estimated arrival time of your Bear Walk escort with wait times generally less than 15 minutes.

Every day, 7:30 PM – 2:30 AM

The Night Safety Shuttle service is an extension of the Bear Transit daytime service, and provides safe nighttime transit to and from the campus. Bear Transit Night Safety Shuttles are free to all and operate year-round*. From 7:30pm to 3am shuttles run on one of two set routes between campus, BART, Clark Kerr Campus and residence halls.

Every day, 3:00 AM – 5:30 AM

Door-to-Door Services are free and must be booked. To book your shuttle pickup, call (510) 642-9255 or visit the website. A shuttle will be dispatched to your location within the pickup area and will drop you almost anywhere within the drop off service area boundaries.

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