Cal Clubs


Cal has a wide variety of active registered student organizations and clubs on campus that engage the gaming community. From game design to casual play, there is a club for everyone. All clubs are managed by the UC Berkeley LEAD Center.

This club is to bring together and create a solidified Smash community on campus, by expanding their presence through crew battles, tournaments, and a welcoming environment for people to learn and play a game rich with history.

For more informaiton, visit: Smash at Berkeley.

GameCraft is UC Berkeley’s game development and game industry club. They help people get in groups to make games themselves, plan networking events with major companies like Twitch or Riot Games, encourage social gatherings, arrange field trips and propose debates.

For more informaiton, visit: GameCraft.

Pokémon Club at Berkeley strives to connect the Pokémon gamers of and around UC Berkeley. They host many local Pokémon tournaments, movie screenings, community hangouts, and an active battling scene.

For more informaiton, visit: Pokémon Club at Berkeley.

The games committee hosts roundtable events in which seasoned video game professionals from different companies have intimate chats with students about video game marketing, product management, development, production, software engineering, customer management, and more.

For more informaiton, visit: Business Careers in Entertainment Club.

VR at Berkeley fosters a community of Berkeley students, industry insiders, and academia to increase public awareness of virtual reality (VR), provide developer resources and training, and promote dialogue about the applications and implications of VR.

For more informaiton, visit: VR at Berkeley.

Gaming at Berkeley is a community of gamers, competitors, and Esports fans who come together to play games at this awesome campus! We work together with Cal Esports and our partner organization Berkeley Legends to create an all-inclusive gaming program in Berkeley.

For more informaiton, visit: Gaming at Berkeley.

Board Games at Berkeley promotes modern board gaming as it exists separate from classic board games. While Monopoly and Risk have their place, the board games of today have taken the lessons made by these classics and transformed them into something new.

For more informaiton, visit: Board Games at Berkeley.

Berkeley Legends is the official Riot supported League of Legends club at UC Berkeley! Through hosting a variety of open admission events, Berkeley Legends takes the culture of gaming and ensures that students with any interest have a place to create relationships.

For more informaiton, visit: Berkeley Legends.


About the LEAD Center

The LEAD (Leadership, Engagement, Advising, & Development) Center is UC Berkeley’s hub for student involvement, leadership development, and co-curricular advising. Their goal is to assist students as they explore their interests, pursue their passions, and create community at Cal. For more information, visit:

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