Bianca Rodriguez

With a warm smile and bright eyes, Bianca Vianey Rodriguez welcomes all into the home of the Wellness Apparel Project. She offers both athletic clothing and wholehearted compassion from the small room in Stiles Hall. While the senior from East Palo Alto has experienced plenty of the hardships that come with being a UC Berkeley student, a supportive family, a strong will, and an unwavering desire to leave her community better than she found it have helped her fight every urge to give up.

“Being part of a community, like EOP and the Undocumented Student Program (USP), has made [UC Berkeley] so much better. It’s the relationship you have with people that makes you keep staying…I feel like everything I do [with EOP and USP] is from the heart and it’s something that I don’t see as a job. It’s more like I’m doing this and I know at the end of the day it’s not just for me, it’s for other people that are going to benefit from it. Especially with two younger siblings, and one that’s already started college, I want them to have those resources that I’m providing. I’m making sure that it’s better for the next generation.”

Bianca is a student staff member with the Educational Opportunity Program and manages the Wellness Apparel Project.


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