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Our policies are designed to provide a safe and fair environment for all our members and participants in Rec Sports programs and services. Learning what’s allowed can help you avoid unintentionally breaking the rules and helps everyone in working with reliable, trustworthy members.

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Membership Activation

Membership is considered to be activated on first use of any Rec Sports facility or participation in any Recs Sports-sponsored event or activity. On activation by use, there is implied acceptance of the University’s general liability waiver and agreement to abide by all Rec Sports policies and the Rec Sports Code of Conduct.

Membership Benefits

Rec Sports members have access to all Recreational Sports facilities and free group exercise classes (space permitting). Members are also eligible to purchase Rec Sports programs and services at discounted member rates. For specific facility hours and program information, please visit our Membership Types & Benefits page.

Monthly Installments

For many of our membership categories (see Membership Types & Benefits for exclusions), we offer convenient monthly billing via either payroll deduction (Faculty/Staff memberships only) or recurring credit card payments. Monthly installments are ongoing and billed on or after the 3rd business day of the month. A minimum 4-month commitment (from date of purchase) is required to take advantage of this payment option.

Membership Hold

Annual and ongoing (monthly installment) members may temporarily place a hold on their membership status and payments once per calendar year for up to 6 months. See below for complete details and considerations.

Monthly Installments:

  • Must have completed minimum 4-month initial commitment
  • Once per calendar year
  • Minimum 1 month, maximum 6 months
  • $10 per month processing fee
Annual Members:
  • Once per calendar year
  • Minimum 1 month, maximum 6 months
  • $30 processing fee
Requests for membership holds must be submitted via our Action Request Form.

Cancellations & Refunds

  • Semester memberships and Day Passes are non-refundable.
  • Refundable cancellations may be requested within 5 days from (not including Sundays or holidays) date of purchase or with a minimum notice of 14 business days (monthly installment members must have completed the 4-month commitment period).
  • Exceptions for members within the 4-month commitment period include medical (with doctor’s note) or relocation more than 25 miles outside the area (proof of relocation must been provided).
  • No refunds will be given for loss of membership privileges due to breach of the Code of Conduct (see below).
Requests must be submitted via our Action Request Form.

All persons using the facilities are subject to the rules and regulations of the University of California and Rec Sports.

All persons using the facilities agree to abide by Rec Sports’ Code of Conduct (see below). Failure to comply with University and/or Departmental policies or rules and regulations may result in suspension or termination of membership.

All persons shall not hold the University of California, Rec Sports, or any of its employees responsible for any injuries incurred during normal usage of the facility. Any cost for damage to University property shall be paid by any member or guest who willfully or neglectfully causes such damage.

Specific building and swimming pool policies and rules: RSF, Hearst Gym, Golden Bear Recreation Center (GBRC), Strawberry Canyon Recreation Area (SCRA).

Access Requirements

Rec Sports membership cards, UC Berkeley staff and student photo ID cards are non-transferable and must be shown for admittance into all Rec Sports facilities. Violators will be fined and subject to further disciplinary action, including restricted access for the day. A valid photo ID is defined as current (not expired), government issued, and has the following information: photo, date issued, expiration date, date of birth, and address.

Day Passes/Guest Passes

All guests who purchase day passes or use complimentary guest passes are subject to University and Departmental policies and regulations. Building and activity rules are posted at the RSF Customer Service Center and at various sites within each facility. Additionally, a valid photo ID must be used in conjunction with either pass to access the facility.

Any misuse of a day pass/guest pass, including alteration, duplication, or transfer, is subject to disciplinary action. Persons caught misusing their pass or accessing the facility without a valid pass will be subject to immediate removal from the facility; in addition, future access (either by membership or day pass) may be restricted.

Late Fees

Billing statements are mailed out at the beginning of the month and are due by the date specified. Each due date is set to allot time for your payment to be received and posted by the Rec Sports membership accountant. To avoid late fees, your payment must be received prior to the last day of the month; all late fees are assessed on or after the first day of the month following your last paid month (or year) Any late fees incurred will appear on your next statement if you are on the monthly cycle; annual members must pay this fee immediately.

Membership Cards

Your Rec Sports membership card is the property of Rec Sports. This card is non-transferable and must be presented at all times for admittance. Cards must be scanned at any entry point each and every time you access the facility (including re-admittance). Access without your card will be permitted 5 times per semester. Should you find that you have forgotten your card, please approach the front desk so that we may arrange access for you with a valid photo ID. If you have already entered without your membership card, you may be required to purchase a day pass for access which is non-refundable.

Cards are automatically deactivated upon expiration of membership or failure to remit dues on time. If it is deactivated for these reasons, you may be requested to submit this card to the Customer Service Center at the RSF. Your card will be returned once your membership status has been updated. Please contact our office immediately if there is any question regarding the status of your membership.

Lost or stolen cards must be reported to the Customer Service Center at the RSF immediately. This information is fed into our computer so that we may recover your card if someone else attempts to use it. If you recover your own card after reporting it lost/stolen, please do not attempt to use it without first contacting our office.

The replacement fee for a membership card is $15.00. Exceptions are made only upon the presentation of a police report documenting that your card was stolen. If the original card is recovered later, we will keep it on file as an alternative to future card replacements. However, you will not be refunded for the replacement card.

Any misuse of a Rec Sports membership card is subject for termination of membership and access privileges. Any alteration, duplication or transfer of the CRC card will result in immediate revocation of membership. Fraudulent use of a Rec Sports card or pass will result in a fee and disciplinary action for both the user and the member involved, with one exception: if a card is reported stolen and is then used, it will be confiscated by our staff and no action will be taken against the member.

Membership Conversion

Changes in membership status may result in a change in membership type. For example, University staff or faculty members who retire from service will be eligible for the retiree/emeriti membership rates. Community or alumni members who become employed by the University will become eligible for UC staff/faculty rates.

To convert your membership you must contact the Customer Service Center at the RSF. Compensation for converted memberships will be in the form of time which will only be credited to your account for future use. Refunds will not be issued.

Facility Closures

All facilities are subject to availability. Rec Sports facilities will be closed during University holidays. In addition, maintenance closures will occur throughout the year to ensure the safety, cleanliness, and quality of our facilities. University holiday and maintenance closures are taken into consideration when membership fees are established. The RSF observes the Campus Energy Curtailment schedule.

Locker Policies

The Department is not responsible for personal belongings and is not liable for items that may be lost, stolen, or cleared. Case-hardened steel locks are mandatory for the RSF Locker Rooms. Locks will be provided for assigned lockers or may be checked out for day use in the Locker Room area. Personal locks left overnight will be removed and fines will be assessed. Members will be assessed a replacement fee for lost or stolen locks. Members are required to clear assigned lockers within 2 weeks from the expiration date of their membership. Locker room staff will clear lockers for guests whose membership/affiliation has expired or who fail to clear lockers by posted deadlines. Cleared lockers will result in fines and posted penalties. Clearance notices and locker updates will be communicated via email on file with the Rec Sports. All student contact information used by the Department is the official contact information on file with the University.

Please Note: All dates and fees listed are subject to change. Rec Sports will make every effort to notify you either by posting in our facility, on our departmental website, or via email, if possible.

Staff and guests of Rec Sports are expected to behave with civility and appropriate conduct. When you agree to become a Rec Sports member or purchase a guest pass or are admitted by the use of a complimentary day pass, you indicate, by your registration, that you agree to cooperate with staff while utilizing the RSF and other department facilities.

No refunds will be given for loss of membership privileges due to breach of the Code of Conduct. All members and guests are encouraged to exercise good judgment in caring for the safety of others as well as themselves. In the event that you witness or experience threatening or inappropriate behavior by another individual, please report the situation immediately to facility staff. Standards of Conduct include, but are not limited to, the examples outlined below. The following types of conduct are specifically prohibited and may result in loss of membership:

Prohibited Behavior

Aggressive Behavior

The definition of aggressive behavior lies with the staff. Aggressive behavior is explicitly forbidden at the RSF and other department facilities and programs. You may not promote or engage in physical abuse, verbal abuse, threats, intimidation, harassment, coercion and/or other conduct, which threatens or endangers the health or safety of any person. You may not use “fighting words” to harass any employee or guest in connection with official university functions or university-sponsored programs. If you engage in behavior that is considered aggressive, then your actions may result in temporary or permanent loss of privileges at all department facilities.


Sharing identification cards for access into the RSF and other Rec Sports facilities is considered forgery. If you forge, alter, give unauthorized use or misuse any University document, record, key, electronic device, or identification, then your actions will result in a loss of privileges and/or a fine.


Department employees are responsible for managing and maintaining the safety of our members and facilities. You agree to comply with the directions of department staff (aka University officials or other public official) acting in the performance of their duties. Failure to comply with staff requests, directions, or instructions will result in a loss of privileges.

Unauthorized Entry

You must have a valid membership for access to all Rec Sports facilities and programs. You may not enter unauthorized areas such as offices and maintenance workshops. Trespassers will lose privileges.

Disorderly Conduct

You may not engage in disorderly or lewd conduct.

Photography and Video

Photography or video shooting is prohibited at all Rec Sports facilities without prior department and campus approval. This rule is in place to protect the privacy of our members.

Unauthorized Commercial Activity

You are not allowed to post, advertise, instruct in private lessons, or solicit individuals in the facilities for personal services, businesses, or agencies.

Criminal Activity

The following actions are considered Criminal Activity and will result in immediate police action. Department staff will contact University police and request assistance addressing the immediate threat. Additional sanctions and restrictions will apply including loss of privileges.


Damage to or destruction of any property of the University or property of others while on University premises.


Rape, sexual assault, or sexual harassment (See Appendix I, item 3 of the University Code of Student Conduct for the definition of “rape”, item 4 for the definition of “sexual assault”, and item 6 for the definition of “sexual harassment”.)


Removal of or conversion of University or property of others while on University premises.


Use or possession of an explosive device, firearm, or other deadly weapon when on the premises.


Disciplinary Action

Violation of any of the Code of Conduct is grounds for disciplinary action. Any Rec Sports employee may start disciplinary action against any patron/participant he/she deems to be in violation of the Code of Conduct (including calling the UCPD) by:
  • Requesting a stop to the violation/offending action
  • Requesting a violator to leave the facility
  • Requesting assistance from a Rec Sports Supervisor or authority, and/or calling the UCPD

Written Report

The Rec Sports employee will also file a written report with the Rec Sports supervisor(s) for review. The Rec Sports supervisor(s) will:
  • Read the written reports daily/weekly
  • Determine immediate action, or
  • Refer more serious complaints to the Rec Sports Advisory Board or UCPD.

Rec Sports Conduct Review Committee

Rec Sports Conduct Review Committee will:
  • Meet monthly (or as needed) to review the more serious complaints and determine appropriate action
  • Receive, hear, and rule on appeals on an ad hoc basis


Violators have the right to appeal disciplinary actions. A valid appeal must concern either a misapplication of one of the Standards of Conduct or misrepresentation of the policies and procedures outlined in the Rec Sports handbook. Appeals must be written and received within 14 days of issuance of disciplinary action. Appeal letters must be addressed to the Chair of the Rec Sports Conduct Review Committee who will evaluate the appeal and determine appropriate action in consultation with the Rec Sports Conduct Review Committee on an ad hoc basis and within a reasonable time frame.

Cancellation Policy

Cal Adventures may be forced to cancel a class or trip due to inclement weather or other circumstances beyond our control. If this is the case, we will offer to transfer participants to a future class, give a full credit or refund, or reschedule cancelled sessions of a multi-session class.

Will my class/trip be cancelled if it’s raining?

Gentle rain is not sufficient reason to cancel a class. If the class/trip is going to be cancelled for weather reasons, every attempt will be made to contact participants as quickly as possible. Please attend your scheduled class unless you receive a call or hear on the Marina Hotline that it has been cancelled. Marina Hotline: call 510-642-7707 for recorded weather and class updates.

Can children participate in adult classes and trips?

Mature individuals of 16 years and older may participate in classes, provided they are dropped off by a parent/guardian who can sign their waiver form at the first class meeting. Individuals under 16 should see our comprehensive youth program offerings.

What is your Refund Policy?

Requests for refunds, credits, or to transfer to another class must be made at least 14 days before the first meeting of the activity. A $25.00 administrative fee will be assessed on all refunds, credits, and transfers. All refund requests must be submitted via our

No refunds, credits, or transfers are given within 14 days of the first meeting of the activity, even if you signed up for the activity within the 14 refund period. For example, if you signed up 7 days before the first class, you would not be eligible for a refund, credit, or a transfer. Please be sure that you can attend all dates of the course you are enrolling in. You will be asked to sign off on our refund policy during the online enrollment process.

Personal Training, Private Lessons, Massage and Instructional Classes


Payment for sessions/classes must be made in advance of meeting with your trainer/therapist/instructor. Sessions/classes may be purchased in person at the RSF Customer Service Center or online.

Expiration Date

All Personal Training sessions and Private Lessons have an EXPIRATION date of 3 months from the date of purchase. All Massage sessions have an EXPIRATION date of 6 months from the date of purchase. After the EXPIRATION date, any remaining sessions will be invalid. Sessions can be frozen for medical purposes only and require medical documentation. Frozen sessions will be held for one year after which time any remaining sessions will become invalid.


In order to cancel or reschedule an appointment, you must do so online, or contact our Customer Service Center or your trainer/therapist, at least 24 hours in advance of the scheduled appointment. Otherwise, you will be charged for that session. (NOTE: any exception to this policy will be made purely at the discretion of the trainer/therapist.) Similarly, if a trainer/therapist does not contact you at least 24 hours in advance to cancel or reschedule an appointment, you will receive a complimentary session. Instructional Classes are subject to cancellations for low enrollment, for which you will receive a full refund. Non-attendance in a program is not grounds for a refund and classes can not be prorated.


All clients and trainers/therapists are encouraged to be prompt. If a client arrives late, this time will be deducted from the session; contrarily, if a trainer arrives late, the amount of time will be added for an extended session. Please be advised that trainers are required to wait 15 minutes for a scheduled client, after which time the session is subject to cancellation and clients will be charged for a full session.

Refunds and Credits

A refund will be issued upon request based on the non-discounted current price of service along with a proof of purchase. For Instructional Classes, refunds are allowed prior to the start date of any class. Refund requests after the start date will require a 20% processing fee. Transfers are allowed for different dates of the same class. All refund requests must be submitted via our Action Request Form. Non-attendance in a program is not grounds for a refund and classes cannot be prorated. We recommend that our services will match your needs before committing through payment. If you find that your needs change once you have begun, please contact the program managers; we are eager to find a way to accommodate you within this program.

Group Exercise

You must be a Rec Sports Club member to participate in Group X classes. Schedule subject to change based on facility/instructor availability. Daily updates are displayed on the Group X Schedule.

Studio Cycling and Circuit Training Sign-Ups

*Except Studio Cycling and Circuit Training. Please sign up on the day of the class at the RSF turnstile desk for Circuit Training and Studio Cycling. Sign-ups will be done a first come, first serve basis.


Please arrive to class on time! No one will be admitted to class after the first 10 minutes.


Proper footwear with non-marking soles required (with the exception of all Yoga, Pilates, some of the Dance classes and Core Conditioning classes). We recommend cross-training shoes.


Schedule is subject to change based on facility/instructor availability. Daily updates are displayed on the Group X Schedule.


  • NO swimming unless there is a lifeguard on duty.
  • NO diving entries allowed.
  • NO eating, drinking, or smoking allowed on the pool deck.
  • NO glass containers on pool deck.
  • NO running, roughhousing, or unsafe behavior allowed on pool deck or in water.
  • NO bikes, animals, rollerblades or skateboards (Exception: Service animals).
  • NO children under 12 allowed in the swimming pool area.
  • Abusive or profane language will not be tolerated.


  • No one will be permitted in the lifeguard chair(s) except the lifeguard.
  • Pool personnel are not responsible for any personal items brought onto the pool deck.
  • Lifeguards have full authority over patrons using the pool area and may enforce rules not listed as situations warrant.

Swim Attire

  • Proper swim attire must be worn at all times (State of California Health Code).
  • Bathing caps are recommended and may be required in the future.
  • Caps are required at Spieker & Hearst Pools for hair exceeding shoulder length.
  • Showers are recommended before entering the pool.

Golden Bear Pool Policies

  • Circle swim counterclockwise when 2 or more swimmers are sharing a lane.
  • Please observe lap swim etiquette and follow lane speed marker signs.
  • Swimmers should pass only at the wall.
  • If constantly passed, please move to a slower lane. If constantly passing others, please move to a faster lane.
  • While resting at the wall, make room for other swimmers to turn.
  • NO hand paddles.

Hearst Pool Policies

  • Swim tickets required to use the pool. Hand ticket to the lifeguard upon entrance.
  • Please follow FAST/MED FAST/MED/SLOW speed markers on deck.
  • Circle swimming only.
  • Circle swim counter-clockwise in lanes designated for lap swimming.
  • Move to the appropriate lane if constantly being passed or passing swimmers; faster swimmers should tap the foot of the swimmer they wish to pass; at the end of the lap, the slower swimmer should pause to allow the other to pass.

Strawberry Canyon Pool Policies

  • A plastic diaper holder must cover cloth and disposable diapers.
  • Swim diapers are required for children who are not toilet trained.
  • Topless sunbathing and “thong” bathing suits are not allowed in the facility.

Children and Swim Toys

  • Each non-swimmer must be accompanied in the pool by an adult within arms length at all times. Note: One adult per non-swimmer.
  • Swimmers who have questionable swimming skills will be asked to take the SWIM TEST.
  • FLOTATION DEVICES are restricted to the shallow area of the pool. Children wearing flotation devices must be accompanied in the water by an adult at all times and within arms length.
  • Toys and swim equipment will be restricted at the discretion of the lifeguard based on safety concerns.
  • NO squirt guns or hard balls (tennis balls, etc) allowed in the pool and facility.
  • RAFTS are restricted based on the number of swimmers in the pool.
  • SCRA kickboards are for lap swim or instructional use only.


  • 15 minute swim breaks will be called by the lifeguard during high use periods.

We value your membership and are committed to providing a safe and friendly environment for your fitness needs. Rec Sports staff reserves the right to amend facility guidelines and has the final say in rule enforcement. Failure to comply with rules may result in temporary or permanent loss of membership and legal action.

Building policies and rules are applicable to all activity areas, offices, and public areas. Some areas have additional policies, listed below.

Bags and Personal Belongings

All backpacks, bags, and personal items must be placed in a locker. These items are not allowed in the activity areas.

Bicycles, Umbrellas, and Pets

Bicycles, mopeds, rollerskates/blades, umbrellas, skateboards, or animals — other than mobility guides for the disabled — are not allowed within our facilities.


Children under seventeen (sixteen during the summer) are not allowed in the RSF unless they are participating in Department sponsored programs.

Photography and Video

Photography or video shooting is prohibited at all Rec Sports facilities without prior department and campus approval. This rule is in place to protect the privacy of our members.


Proper attire and footwear are required in activity spaces. Bare feet are prohibited except as specified by management.


Smoking is not permitted within any CRC facility at any time. Drinking and eating are permitted only in the RSF Pro Shop area.


All persons using the facilities are subject to the rules and regulations of the University of California and Rec Sports. Violators will be removed and access revoked.

Cardio Equipment

Time Limits

There is a 30-minute time limit on all cardio equipment including set-up, cool down, and cleaning. All equipment is available on a first come, first served basis except Treadmills and Precors.


All beverages must be in a sports topped or re-sealable container.


Shirts or sport tops and closed-toe rubber soled shoes must be worn at all times.

Combatives Room


Only appropriate athletic footwear is allowed. Open-toe shoes and hiking boots are not permitted. Bare feet permitted for yoga class; walking barefoot to and from the locker rooms or the restrooms is prohibited.


Please re-stack mats after use.

Blue Gym, Gold Gym & Field House


Only non-marking athletic shoes are allowed. Check black-soled athletic shoes to ensure that they are non-marking. Hard-soled shoes will damage the floor and are not permitted. For safety reasons, open-toe shoes (sandals) are also not permitted. Barefooted running or exercising and stretching without proper footwear is prohibited.

Prohibited Behavior

Throwing ball against the walls is not permitted. Hanging from the basketball rims and slam dunking is not permitted.


Beverages of any kind (except water bottles) are not permitted in the Gyms or Field House.


Efforts to keep the limited space around the playing courts “clutter-free” are appreciated.


Spirited competition and hard-play are encouraged, but please refrain from using profanity and always show the same courtesy and respect for those around you that you would expect in return. Fighting and/or inappropriate behavior will lead to immediate removal from the building.

Equipment Set-Up and Take-Down

RSF supervisors and employees will be responsible for set-up and take-down of volleyball, badminton, table tennis, and basketball equipment. Only authorized personnel will be permitted to access the equipment.

Basketball Etiquette

When players are waiting, the following rules apply on all indoor basketball courts:

Game Rules

  • Games are played to 12 points, with each basket being worth 1 point.
  • Winning teams may remain on the courts until they lose.
  • Full-court games take precedence over half-court games; however, if a half-court game is in progress, full court games must wait for the current game to finish before taking the court. If the winning team of a half-court game does not wish to play full-court, they must leave the court.


For all rec play, no dunking or hanging from the baskets.

Racquetball, Handball & Squash Courts


  • Eyeguards are recommended on all racquetball, squash, and handball courts.
  • All metal, aluminum, and wood racquetball racquets must have protective guards.

Marking Balls

Black racquetballs, handballs, and squash balls are not permitted for use on the courts unless they are official non-marking balls.


  • Reservations should be made through the Guest Services Counter in the RSF locker room. Courts can be reserved up to one calendar day in advance.
  • These courts can only be reserved for handball, racquetball and squash. Drop-in use is OK for activities other than handball, racquetball or squash, as long as that activity does not damage the courts. For example, only non-marking shoes can be used on the courts. If our staff determines that the activity could damage the floors, you will be asked to stop or to move to another location. Lastly, priority for use of the courts will be given to handball, racquetball and squash players.
  • This means that drop-in users, or users with a reservation, who are doing something other than handball, racquetball or squash can be bumped by handball, racquetball or squash players, even if they don’t have a reservation.

Locker Rooms


Only eligible RSF users (Rec Sports members, UCB students, Day Pass & Guest Pass users) are able to use the Rec Locker Room and GSC services.

Long-Term Lockers

Long-Term locker assignments are available to registered UC Berkeley students and Rec Sports members with valid memberships. Lockers can be purchased at the Customer Services Center.

Martial Arts


Shoes are to be worn on the hardwood floor within the room; walking barefoot to and from the locker rooms or the restrooms is prohibited. No shoes are allowed on the mats within the Martial Arts Room.

Weight Room & Fitness Areas


Please ask a Fit Staff member for assistance if you have any questions or need a spot.

Time Limit

There is a 30-minute limit on all cardio equipment when participants are waiting, unless stated otherwise. Sign-up is required for certain pieces of cardio equipment throughout the day. See sign-up table before beginning your work out.


  • Safe and proper use of equipment is required at all times.
  • The following exercises are prohibited: Olympics lifts (snatches, cleans, jerks, or versions of these exercises) or any exercise where there is no control of the movement. Staff reserve the right to prohibit any exercise based on safety concerns. RDL’s and controlled push presses are permitted.
  • Please keep all dumbbell racks free from obstructions and stand away from mirrors.
  • All weight plates, dumbbells and other equipment should be returned to their proper location after use.
  • There is no dropping or slamming of weights or other equipment. Please ask a Fit Staff employee for a spot when necessary.
  • Exercise equipment must not be altered and must be used in accordance with its intended purpose.
  • Exercises performed while standing on exercise benches are not allowed.
  • Collars must be used on all Olympic and curl bars at all times. The use of chalk is not allowed in the facility. Please use a spotter when necessary.


Allow participants to “work-in” on equipment. Be courteous to other participants and wipe down equipment after use. Please restrict any floor work (stretching, abdominal exercises, etc.) to designated areas.


Backpacks, gym bags, basketballs, and other personal items are not allowed in the weight rooms or atrium and must be stored in a locker.

Recording Devices

The use of devices such as cameras, cell phones, PDAs, and other recording devices are not permitted within the activity spaces.


Food and glass containers are not allowed in the fitness areas. Only water in a re-sealable, plastic container is permitted within activity spaces.


Shirts or sport tops, and close-toed, rubber-soled, standard athletic shoes must be worn at all times. Street clothes (jeans, khakis, etc.) and street or casual shoes are not permitted in the weight rooms or on cardio equipment – only athletic gear may be worn in the fitness facilities.

Entry and Exit

All participants must enter and exit through designated doors. Please keep all fire lanes and walkways clear from obstructions.

Aggressive Behavior

Verbal or physical abuse, to participants or staff, and physical abuse to property are not allowed. Aggressive behavior will result in immediate dismissal from the facility and can result in loss of membership privileges and legal action.

Personal Training

Only authorized Rec Sports personnel are allowed to personal train within the recreational facilities.

Rule Enforcement

Rec Sports staff reserves the right to amend facility guidelines and has the final say in rule enforcement. Failure to comply with any rules may result in temporary or permanent loss of membership and legal action.

Cal Youth Camps Refunds & Cancellations

Policies and procedures for refunds on Cal Youth Programs and Camps.

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