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About Us

Berkeley Rec Sports Community Agreements

Rec Sports is dedicated to providing inclusive services, programs, and facilities to members, visitors, and staff reflective of the cultural richness and diversity of our community. We strive to cultivate lifelong health and active lifestyles in support of optimal wellbeing. As members of this community, each of us is called upon to play an active role in maintaining our welcoming, positive, and inclusive environment:

  • I will be respectful of the space and people in it, and be mindful of how my actions impact those around me. 
  • I will practice positive and inclusive behaviors that support diversity and enable others to fully participate in their chosen activity. 
  • I will connect with staff for assistance, information, and ways that we can create an inclusive space for you and others.
  • I will prioritize safety and security while engaging with our facilities, members, and staff.
  • I am committed to engaging in open conversation about the intentions and impacts of my behavior when conflict occurs.
  • I will uphold the values of our community by engaging with our staff, members, and guests with kindness, civility, and respect.

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