Programs for injury recovery and prevention

The WorkStrong program is a UC system-wide initiative that provides specialized health and wellness programs for those who have been injured on the job. UC WorkStrong is a comprehensive program designed to reduce the risk of further injury and promote overall health and wellness. The program is free and is designed to fit each individual’s needs.

Program Benefits
  • Post-rehab wellness program
  • Pre- and post-body composition assessments included
  • Pre- and post-flexibility/mobility and strength assessments
  • Flexible hours geared towards what works best for you
  • Focused on functional strength for your workplace
  • 30 sessions with a health coach to determine individual goals and focus
  • 6 months access to the University of California Recreational Sports Facilities
  • Self-awareness & skill building: Meet with a licensed counselor for up to six sessions to develop awareness of patterns that affect your emotional and physical health. Through these sessions you can learn skills to manage stress, build resilience, improve sleep, increase energy, and form healthy habits.
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