Underhill Field: Not Grass, But Still Green


The new Underhill Field opened last month, and while the grass is not real — the field is a state of the art synthetic turf called Sprinturf — it is still very much a green product. All the rubber pellets in the field (that’s the stuff that makes the field play like grass) are made from recycled truck and car tires, and the drain mat that the field is on top of, called DBS Dynamic Base System, is all made from recycled rubber as well.

Here are a few other green worthy facts from the project:

– Concrete from the demolition of the surface lot was recycled.

– Soil excavated for the project was used in other projects in the East Bay, including construction of a playing field in west Berkeley.

– Using an artificial field surface eliminates herbicide use and reduces water use (water is occasionally used to wash the field).

To learn more about Underhill, including open rec hours, please visit the Underhill web page on the Rec Sports web site.

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