UCPD Crime Alert @ RSF



Attention all RSF Patrons:

Since January 1st, 2013 there have been 25 thefts reported at the Recreational Sports Facility.

We ask that when you are working out at the Recreational Sports Facility, please keep crime prevention in mind. Theft of unattended property is the number one reported incident at most gymnasiums. In some cases, the stolen item had only been left unattended for a few minutes. Do not leave you personal items on the track, the court sidelines or unattended while working out or showering. This gives thieves an opportunity to steal your property.

You can make a thief’s job significantly more difficult simply by securing your property in a locker. Leaving your property inside a locker without a lock is ineffective, as thieves are aware of this ‘trick’. Rec Sports offers half size day lockers and locks free of charge and Cal Rec Club members can rent a locker in the RSF locker room for a semester, or a year.

UCPD is taking these crimes seriously. Please remember to safeguard your belongings and as a reminder, if you see any suspicious activity in or around our campus, please notify UCPD immediately by calling 911 or 510-642-3333 from a cell phone.

If anyone has any other information regarding this rash of thefts, please contact:

University of California Police Department
Criminal Investigation Bureau
(510) 642-0472 / 8AM–5PM
(510) 642-6760 / All other times

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