Turn Your Old Shoes Into New Sport Surfaces


Did you know that your old sport shoes that you no longer use can help kids and fellow athletes? The Bear Student Athlete Advisory Council (Bear SAAC) is currently running a used shoe drive and needs your help! Bring in all your old sports shoes (running, tennis, basketball, etc.) and place them in the collection bins located in the RSF atrium near the Coke machine.

Shoes to Surfaces

Bear SAAC will collect these shoes and donate them to a variety of charities, including the Nike Grind program, which grinds the shoes up and uses them to make playing surfaces — playgrounds, basketball and tennis courts, and even soccer and football fields — all across the world. Nike started its Reuse-A-Shoe program in 1990 and has already collected more than 21 million pairs of shoes!  According to Nike, 300 sport and playground surfaces have been created from recycled shoes provided by the Nike Grind program.

Why Do It?

By turning old athletic shoes into new places to play, the need for new materials, like virgin rubber used to build courts, tracks, fields, and playgrounds decreases. Scraps can become new places to play – instead of landfill waste.  Now that’s playing green!

How many shoes does it take?

Playground: 2,500
Outdoor Basketball Court: 2,500
Soccer/Football Field: 50,000
Running Track: 75,000

  1. lnhsoccer

    Question: Does anyone know if old soccer cleats also be used for this? I know my soccer team has many old shoes we could donate.

    • Eric Craypo
      Eric Craypo06-16-2014

      I don’t think cleats work b/c the shoes get ground up to make rubber playgrounds.

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