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Since the early 1970s, Cal Lightweight Crew has fostered the sport of rowing among UC Berkeley students. At that time, the Cal Lights were originally comprised of a men’s team; the women’s team was created in 1997.

In collegiate rowing, lightweight men must have a race-day weight below 160 lbs, while lightweight women must be under 130 lbs. Rowers train during the fall and spring out of Jack London Aquatic Center in Oakland, just 10-15 minutes away from UC Berkeley. The team also cross-trains at various locations on campus.

There is no experience or try-out necessary, as the club distinguishes between novice rowers and varsity rowers, who have at least one year of experience. The Cal Lightweights compete around California and make annual trips to regattas on the east coast.




  • As a sport that relies on technologically refined equipment and large travel expenses, the $700 semester dues are relatively low.


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