Who Can Play

Eligibility for Intramural Sports

To participate in Intramural Sports you must have a valid Cal Rec Club Membership. This can be a student, faculty/staff, affiliate, associated or community membership. To learn more about memberships, and how to get one, visit our membership page.


Picture Identification Is Required

All players must be prepared to show Game Officials a valid UCB Student ID Card or current Cal Rec Club Card and picture identification in order to participate in Intramural Sports. Individuals without current membership and picture identification will not be allowed to participate.

A team unable to field a minimum number of players with current membership and picture identification will forfeit the contest. Note: There will not be a grace period at the start of each season; participating teams must ensure all participants have purchased the required membership prior to the first game.


Waiver of Liability Stickers

Each participant must sign the Waiver of Liability. Upon doing this, participants will receive an Intramural Sports Sticker to be placed on their Student ID or CRC Membership card. The sticker shall be valid for the academic year. Also, each individual shall need to be placed on a Team Roster. New players must be added prior to the end of the last regular-season game.


Determining Eligibility

Intramural Sports can assist you in determining if all members of your team are eligible CRC members. Using players who do not have a current and valid CRC membership or using ineligible athletes will cause you to forfeit all games in which they participated. Teams receiving at least one forfeit during the regular season are not eligible for the playoffs.


UC Reciprocity

The UC Reciprocity agreement does not extend to Intramural Sports.  UC students need to purchase a membership to participate in IM Sports.