Ultimate Rules

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Ultimate Teams: Please read our Outdoor Field Use Guidelines

The Cal Intramural Ultimate Rules are based on the UPA NINTH EDITION RULES OF ULTIMATE. Some of the more important rules as well as rules unique to the Cal Intramural Program are included herein. All players are responsible for reading this document before playing. A more thorough rule explanation may be obtained from the Intramural office.

Conduct and Disqualification
Picture Identification Is Required


Ultimate Rules

Ultimate is a fast-paced, competitive, non-contact sport played by two seven-member teams. The sport offers a great deal of freedom and informality implicit in the rules. Primary among these is the spirit of sportsmanship, which enables the honor system to be effective.

Numbers of Players
Roster Limit
Field of Play
Length of Game
Out of Bounds
Plays in the End Zones
Clarifying Statements on Fouls, Violations, and Picks