Speed Soccer Laws

Intramural Sports


The Cal Intramural Sports Speed Soccer Laws are based on the FIFA Laws of the Game. Some of the more important laws as well as laws unique to the Cal Intramural Sports Program are included here. All players are responsible for reading this document prior to participating in a Speed Soccer match.

Conduct and Disqualification
Picture Identification Is Required


Laws of the Game
Number Of Players
Roster Limit
Player’s Equipment
No Jewelry Policy
Forfeit / Auto-Loss Policy
Player’s Attire
Duration Of The Game
Start Of Play
Ball In And Out Of Play
The Celebration of a Goal
Goalkeeper Possession
Half-Field Rule
Free Kicks
Kick- Ins
Fouls And Misconduct
Cautionable And Sending-Off Offenses:
Penalty Kicks
Kicks from the Penalty Mark
CoRec – Consecutive Touches Rule