Softball Rules

Intramural Sports

The Cal Intramural Sports Softball Rules are based on the American Softball Association Rules. Some of the more important rules as well as rules unique to the Cal Intramural Sports Program are included herein. All players are responsible for reading this document prior to participating in Softball.

Conduct and Disqualification
Picture Identification Is Required


Softball Rules
Number of Players
Roster Limit
Participant Attire
Length of Game
Mercy Rule
Strike Zone
Arguing Balls and Strikes
Batter’s Box
Balls Hit Out of Play
Force Plays
Foul Balls
First Base
Force Plays at Home Plate / Commit Line
Intentional Walks
Pitching Regulations


CoRec Rule Modifications
  • A team may never have more men than women on the field. Exception: With five (5) men and four (4) women present, the game may be played with the fifth male playing the catcher position. A team fielding enough players to start a game but not enough of a particular gender (male or female) will be awarded an automatic-loss, however, will not be forced to forfeit the game.
  • Entire female teams are permitted in CoRec leagues. If a team decides to play without four (4) or more male players, it must be entirely female. Teams with one to three male participants are not permitted.
  • Teams must bat in alternating and separate orders unless the team is occupied completely by women. If there are an uneven amount of players (i.e. 5 men and 4 women) teams may not bat a man at the top and bottom of the order. Teams with both men and women must ALWAYS have alternating batting orders.
  • No outfielder may move closer than 175 feet from home plate when a woman is at bat. A line is arched this distance from home plate and shall restrict outfielders until contact with the ball is made (including the 4th outfielder). If this line is not visible, the umpire’s discretion will govern. Penalty: Women will be awarded two bases, all runners advance if forced.
  • It is prohibited for a man to take a play away from a woman in any position. Exception: At home plate, a male may cover. Penalty: Batter and all runners advance to base they would have reached had infraction not occurred without liability to be put out.
  • Any intentional walk to a male batter will result in the option for the following female batter to walk or hit. The umpire will inform the female batter that she has the option to decline the intentional walk if she would rather hit. Whether a walk is intentional is the sole discretion of the plate Umpire.