FairPlay Ratings

How our FairPlay rating system works

The Cal Intramural Sports FairPlay program was instituted to ensure that all Intramural Sports participants have an opportunity for recreation in the safest, most enjoyable atmosphere possible. Intramural Sports participants should not have to contend with ‘trash talking’, excessively rough play or other forms of unsporting behavior.

A FairPlay rating (averaged over a season) below 3.5 renders a team ineligible for the playoffs. No FairPlay rating will be given for games that are ruled forfeits.

The baseline FairPlay rating for all games is a 4.0.

  • A team that wins a game by an opponent’s “auto-loss” receives a 4.0 FairPlay rating
  • A team that receives an “auto-loss” will receive a 3.0 FairPlay rating.
  • A team that “forfeits” or “no-shows” receives a 1.0 FairPlay rating and is NOT eligible for playoffs.


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