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Intramural Sports

All Captains and Free Agents are encouraged to pre-register well in advance of the start of sales to familiarize themselves with the online store and validate their membership type.  Only credit cards are accepted online - VISA, MasterCard, and Discover.  To avoid errors or delays with your payment/registration, you must enter the correct BILLING address for all credit card transactions.

To sign up an Intramural Sports team you must follow these four important steps. Your registration, and eligibility for the playoffs, is not complete until you complete all steps in the specified order. Once you pay IM fees, NO REFUNDS will be approved for any reason.

Buy an RSF Membership

You need an RSF membership to play Intramural Sports. It’s only $10 per semester for students. Use the button below to find the membership type that’s best for you. You should sign up for an RSF membership at least 30 minutes prior to moving on to Step #2.

Get a Membership

Pay the Fees

Team Captains must pay the team fee via the button below before creating a team in IMOnline. Before you pay the fees, you may want to visit the IMOnline website to view the list of offerings and schedules for each sport.  Registration dates and times are listed next to each sport. Pre-registration is encouraged.

Pay the Fees

Create Your Team in IMOnline

Use the IMOnline system to create a team only AFTER you have paid the team fee. Also, please note that your Rec Sports membership takes 24-48 hours to be recognized by IMOnline. You won’t have access to the IMOline site until your membership is recognized.  

Register a Team

Take the Captain’s Quiz

Captains must take the “Captian’s Quiz” in order for their team to be eligible for the playoffs and game reschedules. A 90% score is required on the 10-question quiz.  Captains may take the quiz as many times as needed to achieve a passing score. Captain’s should complete the quiz before April 1 (Spring season) or November 1 (Fall season)* to be included in the pool of eligible teams.

*For shortened regular seasons that end before the April 1 or November 1 deadlines, you must take the quiz before your last regular season game.

Take the Quiz


Click a plus sign (+) to reveal more information.

Step-by-Step Instructions
Membership Types Accepted
IM Sports Captain’s Quiz REQUIRED!