Registration Errors Help

Intramural Sports

Read below about the cause of some common errors and how to correct them.


Member Not in Database

If this error message appears while attempting to set up an account, register your team or add a teammate to your roster, it generally means the person was not in the database of active/registered students provided by the Registrar and/or a current CRC Member with a valid membership.

This could be for several different reasons:

  • The full first and last name does not match the CRC or SID number.
  • The person has not paid their fees when the data import was run.
  • The person requested his/her UCB student records be kept confidential. Confidential records cannot be released by the Registrar and therefore were not included in our data import.
  • The person is not a registered fee-paying student.
  • The person is not a current CRC Member.


What to Do

If you encounter this problem, please enter the remaining players on your team to insure that your roster meets the required minimum number of players (CRC Student Members) for entry. Then email and put “Ineligible Player” in the subject line and in the message section indicate name, SID or CRC member number.Eligibility questions sent via email will be answered in the order received as quickly as possible.