Free Agents

Intramural Sports

Free Agents are players that would like to join an IM team but don’t have enough players to form their own team. To sign up as a Free Agent, you must follow the steps below.

Following steps 1-3 below and paying the Free Agent fee at the Rec Sports Online Store is the only way to guarantee a spot on a Free Agent team. HOWEVER, Starting with Week 3 of our season, Free Agency is available for free but you must be invited by a Team Captain to join a team after completing the Free Agent registration in IMOnline.  The Free Agency link in IMOnline will not be visible until Week 3 of the season.  Signing up as a Free Agent in this manner does not gurantee you a spot on a team.


Get an RSF Membership

You need a paid RSF membership to play Intramural Sports. It’s only $10 per semester for students. Use the button below to find the membership type that’s best for you. If you’re already a member you can skip this step.

Get a Membership


Pay the Free Agent Fees

If you’ve chosen to sign up as a Free agent, you’ll need to pay the $25 Free Agent fee at the Rec Sports Online Store. Once in the store, find the sport, day, and time that best fits your interest and schedule.  After paying the Free Agent fee, we’ll add you to a Free Agent team roster within a few days.

Pay Free Agent Fees


Set up an Account in IMOnline

Visit IMOnline to register for a free IMOnline account.  Our IMOnline site is where you can track your new team’s schedule and standings.  You can also interact with your team via the team message board.  A few days after paying the Free Agent fee your team info will appear on the site after logging in.

Go to IMOnline


Step-by-Step Instructions
Captains: Finding Free Agents For Your Team
Free Agents: Accepting Free Agency Invitations