Fees & Roster Limits

Intramural Sports

The fees for each sport are listed below.  Keep in mind too that here is a limit to how many participants you may place on your Team Roster.  It’s a good idea to keep these roster limits handy when entering your team into a league. Once your Team Roster reaches the limit, it will be frozen and you will be unable to add any new participants. A participant is considered on your Team Roster if he or she is checked in and on the Team roster for one game.


Sport Cost Roster Limit
Basketball (5-on-5) $170/Team Max: 12, Min: 4
Basketball (3-on-3) $40/Team Max: 4, Min: 2
Dodgeball $170/Team Max: 12, Min: 2
Flag Football $170/Team Max: 14, Min: 5
Indoor Soccer $170/Team Max: 12, Min: 4
Soccer $220/Team Max: 20, Min: 4
Softball $190/Team Max: 18, Min: 8
Speed Soccer $170/Team Max: 12, Min: 4
Ultimate $170/Team Max: 14, Min: 7
Volleyball (Sixes) $170/Team Max: 12, Min: 4
Free Agents $25/Sport None