Captain’s Quiz

Required for playoff eligibility and game reschedules

Captains must take the “Captian’s Quiz” in order for their team to be eligible for the playoffs and game reschedules. A 90% score is required on the 10-question quiz.  Captains may take the quiz as many times as needed to achieve a passing score. Captain’s should complete the quiz prior to the posted deadline* to be included in the pool of eligible teams.

QUIZ DEADLINE: April 1 for the Spring semester and November 1 for the Fall semester. See the IMOnline home page for specific deadlines each semester. For shortened regular seasons that end before the April 1 or November 1 deadlines, you must take the quiz before your last regular season game. THE CAPTAIN’S QUIZ IS NOT REQUIRED DURING THE SUMMER SEASON.
Steps to take…
  • Read through the study guide (See Study Materials below).
  • Take the quiz.
  • REQUIRED: Make sure to enter your name at the start of the quiz. You will not receive credit without completing this step.
  • REQUIRED: After completing your quiz, Polldaddy will send you a link to confirm your score.  If you do not receive the email, check your SPAM folder or add “” to your safe sender list. Confirm your quiz result by clicking the button in the email you receive after completing the quiz. You will not receive credit without completing this step.
  • Print the confirmation page that pops up after clicking the confirmation link for your records.
  • You do NOT have to email your results to IM Sports.
  • If you score 90% or above, your team is playoff eligible and you receive one game reschedule request.
Study Materials

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