Drop Ins

Get a pass to workout with Cal Aquatic Masters

All drop-ins are welcome! Dropping-in is a great opportunity for new swimmers, and visitors from other masters teams to work out with the Cal Aquatic Masters team. The first drop in is FREE and all additional drop ins are $10.00.  Drop in as many times as you want!  All drop ins must sign a liability waiver.

Note: If you pay for your drop in session via the button below, you will be presented with a liability waiver as part of the payment process.


Drop In Schedule

You can drop in to any workout.  Workouts are held at the Golden Bear Pool and at Spieker Pool. Click on the link below to see the schedule.


Drop In Cost

The first drop in is FREE and each additional drop in is only $10.  You can buy a drop in pass by using the button below.  Print out your receipt and bring it to the coach on the pool deck.  We prefer you to buy your drop in pass online because it is less disruptive to the coach, but if you forget, or can’t pay online, you can bring cash to the workout.  If you choose to pay in cash, you’ll need to download a Waiver of Liability, sign it, and bring it to the pool deck with your $10.

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