Aquatic Masters Swim Team

Do you miss the experience of swimming on a team? Or having a coach who can provide you with skill-appropriate drills and key insights into the ways you can improve your swim stroke and overall technique? Do you enjoy recreational swimming and possess  a firm grasp on the freestyle? But you’ve never before swam with an organized team? Not a problem! Come join us in the pool and enjoy a Cal Aquatic Masters workout!

Our workouts are structured to challenge each and every one of our swimmers, from the recreational intermediate, to the serious competitor. No matter what your swim level or experience, you can be sure that our knowledgeable coaches and our friendly but competitive swimmers will push you to your next level of performance.

During a workout lanes are divided by interval speed. A swimmer in each interval lane should be able to hold a pace of 10 X 100yd free on the lane interval. We have 6 lanes divided by interval speed ranging from 1:15-2:00min.

Our practices average an attendance of 15-20 swimmers, meaning you will have the pleasure of swimming with 3-4 lane mates who can encourage and motivate you through even the most challenging of workouts. On the days when you’re not quite sure if you can get yourself up and swimming, you can be sure that your teammates will give you the energy-burst you needed.