Scott Hinckley

Aquatic Masters Swim Team Coach Bio




Scott Hinckley grew up on a pool deck. His father was an award winning college swim coach in NY State and the pool was a favorite babysitting venue for the Hinckley kids.

Scott swam his first race at age 5 and began teaching swimming at age 12. In high school he swam and dove competitively, but college he switched his allegiance to rowing. Despite this shift, he never lost his love for being in the water. After college Scott spent 13 years as a Navy SEAL where he learned a lot about human performance under varied and often extreme conditions.

After the Navy he returned to swimming and coaching, a path that ultimately led him to SCAM. Scott’s diverse background and experience have fostered a comprehensive understanding of both sports physiology and human adaptation allowing him to do what he likes to do the most — effectively help swimmers improve their skills and attain their goals.